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Barrelville, Allegany County, Maryland (posted Dec. 2009)
Death Rock, and the railroad cut behind it

Archibald Arnold, Allegany County, Maryland (posted Dec. 2009)
Archibald Arnold's will in Durbin's Neglect Patent

Jacob Korn, Allegany County, Maryland (posted Dec. 2009)
Jacob Korn's 1807 Allegany County, MD tract "Millstone Hill" (1845KB PDF)

Somerset County, PA (posted Dec. 2009)
Article on Somerset County, PA from the 1843 "Historical Collections of the State of Pennsylvania"

Book Accuracy Warning (posted Dec. 2009)
A number of books about Somerset County were hastily published to take advantage of the sudden interest that was caused by the September 11, 2001 crash of United Airlines Flight 93 near Shanksville, and the July 28, 2002 Quecreek mine rescue. In my opinion, some of these books contain striking historical inaccuracies, and for this reason people should not blindly rely upon such books. Please verify information by reference to original sources, before relying upon it.

Deakin's Survey (posted Dec. 2009)
Modern plat map overlaid on northeast corner of the 1787 Veatch map (4336KB PDF)

Isaac & Catherine Harden (posted Dec. 2009)

  • Will of Isaac Harden's second wife Catherine

  • The location of Isaac Hardin's 161 acre home place

    Early map showing Cumberland MD to Pittsburgh PA area (posted Dec. 2009)
    The 1829 Finley-Young map

    Deakin's Survey (posted Dec. 2009)

  • High resolution PDF (1618KB) copy of northeast corner of the Veatch map

  • High resolution JPG (1666KB) copy of northeast corner of the Veatch map

    Charles Korns, son of Michael Korn, Sr. (posted Dec. 2009)
    Charles Korns in the 1820 Coshocton (later Holmes) County census

    Wellersburg Post Offices (posted Nov. 2009)
    Wellersburg PA Post Offices

    Middleton's 1847 map (posted Nov. 2009)
    Click here to see Middleton's 1847 map comparing the routes of the Braddock and National Roads.

    Comparing the 1787 Veatch map to an 1874 map (posted Nov. 2009)
    Locations of the mile markers on the 1787 Veatch map

    Vintage railroad-related photos from Cumberland MD (posted Nov. 2009)
    Railroad-related photos from Cumberland MD

    Items from Merle Korns' scrapbook (updated Nov. 2009)

  • Gladdens School

  • Sarah & William Emerick, Merle Korns, and Lizzie Boyer

  • New photos of Andrew Jackson Kennell

  • Guy Kennell, son of William Effie (Lepley) Kennell

  • Unknown deer hunting party

    Barrelville, Maryland (updated Nov. 2009)
    Index to Barrelville pages on this and other websites

    Jacob Korn's 1794 land acquisition (posted Nov. 2009)
    Click here to see a survey of land surrounding lot 3352 called "Corn's Addition" that Thomas Beall assigned to Jacob Korns in 1794.

    Fourteenth Amendment history (posted Nov. 2009)
    Click here for a magnificent lesson on Fourteenth Amendment history. This irrefutable Nov. 16, 2009 Supreme Court brief should restore the "privileges and immunities" clause, which reads "No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States". It may also breathe life into Article VI, which states "This Constitution shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.".

    Viaduct at the Narrows (posted Nov. 2009)
    1860 Narrows Viaduct, Cumberland MD

    Barrelville General Store (posted Nov. 2009)
    The Old Toll Gate general store

    1938 branch railroad to Wellersburg (posted Nov. 2009)
    Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad

    Jacob Korns' Maryland property (posted Nov. 2009)
    A PDF document was posted in June 2007 that attempted to show the location of Jacob Korn's Deakin's Survey Lot No. 3352. A newly found 1874 document casts some doubt on its conclusions. The PDF has been taken down while the information is being reviewed.

    1870's map of area near Barrelville (posted Nov. 2009)

  • 1874 map showing railroads and military lots near Barrelville

  • 1875 Allegany County Maryland map

    Undocumented Cemetery near Barrelville (posted Oct. 2009)
    Porter/Huff Cemetery, Allegany County, MD

    Southampton Township maps (posted Oct. 2009)
    Index to maps of Southampton Township, PA and nearby Allegany County, MD

    Interpretation of 1818 map showing Southampton township area (posted Oct. 2009)
    Analysis of the Southampton Township portion of the 1818 Melish-Whiteside map

    Isaac Harden Estate Document Scans(posted Oct. 2009)

  • Isaac Harden estate documents, pages 1-25 (5441KB pdf)

  • Isaac Harden estate documents, pages 26-50 (5933KB pdf)

  • Isaac Harden estate documents, pages 55-75 (6203 KB pdf)

  • Isaac Harden estate documents, pages 76-101 (6648KB pdf

    The George Sturtz Place, near Wellersburg, PA (posted Oct. 2009)
    The George Sturtz Place, including Michael Korn's Deakin's Survey lot 3356

    Calvin Bittner (posted Oct. 2009)
    Calvin Bittner Chevrolet truck title

    Jesse Korns, Cumberland, MD (posted Oct. 2009)
    Jesse Korns burial vault, Rose Hill Cemetery, Cumberland MD

    Cumberland Hose Company (posted Oct. 2009)
    1845 Cumberland Hose Company building, Cumberland, Maryland

    1835 Southampton Township map (posted Oct. 2009)
    1835 map showing a road past Michael Korn's property that ran from Corriganville to Berlin

    Isaac Harden materials (posted Oct. 2009)
    Isaac Harden of Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA (index)

    Uhl Mill photo survey (posted Sept. 2009)
    Photo survey of the Uhl Mill site, including race photos

    Church Remains along Glencoe Road (posted Sept. 2009)
    Remains of Fink's Church along Glencoe road

    Somerset County Schools (posted Sept. 2009)

  • Updated Mountain School page with map

  • Philson School photo

    Wellersburg Lutheran Church (posted Sept. 2009)
    Wellersburg Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1897, Irene Wilhelm membership certificate

    Daniel Korn's 1829 release to Jacob Cook (posted Sept. 2009)
    Daniel Korn sells his 1/12 right to Michael Korn's property in 1829, the year before the property was auctioned

    The Blubaugh Place; why its called that (posted Sept. 2009)
    1880 sale of Cook farm to Simon Blubaugh

    Michael Korn's 1817 sale of property in Southampton Township (posted Sept. 2009)
    1817 sale of 190 acres from Michael Korn to Jacob Cook

    Spruce Bank School (posted Sept. 2009)
    Spruce Bank School, near Wellersburg, PA

    Michael Korn estate deed (transcript), 1830 (posted Sept. 2009)
    transcript, 1830 deed to 1829 Michael Korn estate tracts 1 & 2

    1864 petition mentions the Blubaugh place (posted Sept. 2009)
    Nov. 14, 1864 petition regarding the estate of Jacob Cook

    Mystery rock stacks near a steep gully along the old turnpike/plank road (posted Sept. 2009)
    Puzzling rock stacks near Route 160 above Wellersburg

    Farm near Wellersburg, PA (posted Sept. 2009)
    Dom Farm near Wellersburg, PA

    Jacob Korns, son of William, Poweshiek County, Iowa (posted Sept. 2009)
    Congregational Church built on the Jacob Korns farm, 1875

    Water powered mill & railroad near the fulling mill (posted Sept. 2009)

  • Water powered mill near the Kennels Mills-area fulling mill

  • Railroad along Gladdens Run

    1800's era Moser Store, Wellersburg, PA (posted Sept. 2009)
    Moser Store, Wellersburg, PA

    Kennell's Mills Store/Election House (posted Sept. 2009)
    Old store located near site of Kennells Mill

    Annotated 1939 aerial photo of the area below Wellersburg (posted Sept. 2009)
    Click here to see a very large (2530 KB) annotated 1939 aerial photo of the area below Wellersburg. Annotation of this photo was a joint effort between L. Dietle & local area resident Mike Mckenzie. (For best results, use your browser to zoom in and out and pan, or download the photo to your desktop and use photo viewing software with the same features.)

    Fire bricks from Wellersburg pump station (posted Sept. 2009)
    Pure Oil Co. fire bricks

    Updated Kennell's Mill pages (updated Sept. 2009)

  • The Kennell's Mill

  • Kennell's Mill millstone burr stones
    Fulling Mill near Kennells Mill, PA

  • Old bridge abutment from the Palo Alto Road near fulling mill site

  • Gladdens postoffice, near Kennell's Grist Mill, 1927

    Benjamin Knepper (posted Sept. 2009)
    Rev. Benjamin Knepper

    Hay's mill in Wellersburg (updated Sept. 2009)
    The curious case of the missing mill

    Wellersburg Pumping Station (updated Sept. 2009)
    Wellersburg Pumping Station photo

    Wellersburg Coal Company (posted August, 2009)
    Wellersburg Coal Company stock certificate, 1855

    Wellersburg Railroad Line (updated Sept. 2009)
    Wellersburg & Jennings Run Railroad

    Fields in Richie Hollow (posted August, 2009)
    1939 photo of fields in Richie Hollow
    (Helps to substantiate the tradition that Daniel Korns, Jr. lived back there.)

    Inclined Plane, Wellersburg PA (updated Sept. 2009)
    Wellersburg Inclined Plane & Coal Tipple

    1939 aerial photos of Michael Korns, Sr. & Daniel Korn, Sr. properties (updated August, 2009)

  • Annotated aerial photos of Michael Korn, Sr. & Daniel Korn, Sr. Pennsylvania properties

  • Michael Korn's lot no. 3357 from Deakin's survey

    Early aerial photos of Danial Korns, Jr. farm (posted August, 2009)
    1939 & 1958 aerial photos of Daniel Korns, Jr. Farm

    Traditional Daniel Korns, Jr. birthplace (posted August, 2009)
    Traditional birthplace of Daniel Korns, Jr.

    Korns on 1818 map of Southampton Township (posted July, 2009)

  • Southampton Township on Whiteside's 1818 copy of John Well's map

  • Uhl gristmill, Wellersburg, PA (updated Aug. 2009)

    1876 Somerset County maps from Beers Atlas (Updated September, 2009)

  • Southampton Township

  • Larimer Township

  • Greenville Township

  • Wellersburg

  • Elk Lick Township

  • Summit Township

  • Northampton Township

    Parents of Caroline (Tressler) Korns (posted July, 2009)
    J. Tressler & W.A. Geiger farms on 1876 map, with commentary

    1841 map of Southampton Township Korns farms found (updated July, 2009)

  • Click here to see a high resolution, 122KB PDF of the entire 1841 Wellersburg-area map.

  • Click here to see interpretations of 1829, 1841, 1876 and 2008 maps. The northwest boundary of the 1829 Michael Korns estate tract no. 1 has finally been established on a modern-day map.

  • Click here to see a rotated version of the map, so that the Maryland border is oriented left-right.

  • Click here to see a rotated version of the map, with commentary added in red.

    Daniel Korns, Sr. Coal mine (updated July, 2009)
    Daniel Korns, Sr. Coal mine, circa 1841

    The John Brinham house (updated August, 2009)
    The first brick house in Wellersburg, Pennsylvania

    Wellersburg Iron Furnace (updated July, 2009)
    Old photo of the circa 1855 Wellersburg iron furnace

    Family Colloquialisms (updated August, 2009)
    Family Colloquialisms from Somerset County PA

    Landwher & Korns cameo envelope, Cumberland, Maryland (posted May 2009)
    Landwher & Korns (lumber company) envelope, Cumberland, MD

    Amos Judson's 1865 "History of the Eighty-Third Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers" (posted April 2009)

  • History of the Eighty-Third Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers (very large pdf, 10,696 KB)

  • Click Here to see why this book is on Korns.org.

    Martha Jane Uhl, daughter of Levi Uhl and Christina Beal (updated April 2009)
    Photo of Martha Jane (Uhl) McClelland

    Rowena Korns (posted April 2009)
    Rowena Korns, daughter of William Henry Korns

    J. Roderic Korns (posted April 2009)
    Updated J. Roderic Korns page to include his WW-1 draft card.

    Obituary of William Lester Korns (posted March 2009)
    William Lester "Billy" Korns 1921-2008