Cumberland Hose Company, Cumberland, Maryland

Wills Creek Charge, Somerset County, PA

The 2009 photos below were provided by Mike McKenzie. They show the 1845 building of the Cumberland Hose Company, in Cumberland, Maryland. The building is located on the Will's Creek side of Mechanic Street, nearly opposite where Smith Street comes out on Mechanic Street.

The 1882 book "History of Western Maryland" indicates that Jesse Korns was a member of this company in 1831 and 1832 as an engine-man, and was a member of the Mountaineer Hose Company in 1840 as an axe-man; click here for the pertinent pages from that book. A sampling from that book reads:

Cumberland Hose Company.---The Cumberland Fire-Engine Company was organized Dec. 10, 1830, at Newman's Hotel, and was known afterwards as the "Canada Company." In 1831 the stations and duties of its members were: ... Engine-men, ... Jesse Korn, ... The officers in 1832 were: ... Engine-men, ... Jesse Korn, .... It was reorganized in 1839 as Cumberland Hose Company ... The company was incorporated in 1840. Meetings were first held in a box-shed in Wither's tannery, on Mechanic Street, where the engine was kept. In 1845 the engine-house was erected on North Mechanic Street, at Blue Spring, to which the company then removed, and its headquarters have since been located there. Heretofore they had used the "Goose-neck" engine, but in 1850 an engine was purchased of Button & Co., of Waterford, N.Y., and was called the "Cumberland". It was more familiarly known as the "Dutch Chest". It was bought by the town corporation, and in 1852 a new engine was bought of the same firm, and paid for by the active members of the company. Its Membership is one hundred.

The building is included in the Maryland Historical Trust Inventory of Historic Properties.

1845 building of the Cumberland Hose Company, in Cumberland, Maryland

1845 building of the Cumberland Hose Company, in Cumberland, Maryland

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