Maps of Somerset County, PA and nearby Allegany County, MD

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This web page provides links to historic maps and map-like aerial photos of Somerset County, PA, with emphasis on Southampton Township. Parts of Southampton township are much more intimately connected to Allegany County, Maryland by commerce than they are to Somerset County. Because of this fact, historic maps and aerial photos of nearby portions of Allegany County, Maryland are also included.

Map Links:

  • Circa 1751: Map showing Maryland and Pennsylvania, with a few 1755 updates

  • Pre-1753: "Trader's Map" attributed to Patten

  • 1754: Snow's map, showing the Ohio Company Storehouse where Cumberland is now located

  • 1755: Lewis Evans map

  • 1767: Land tracts, Southern portion of Southampton Township

  • 1787: Deakin's 1787 survey of Maryland lots just below the Mason-Dixon line

  • 1787: Grayscale version of the entire 1787 Veatch map of lots west of Fort Cumberland (9932KB)

  • 1787: High resolution image of the northeast corner of Veatch's 1787 map: click here for a 1618KB pdf file

  • 1787: High resolution image of the northeast corner of Veatch's 1787 map: click here for a 1666KB jpg file

  • 1787: Recent property map overlaid on northeast part of Veatch's 1787 map (4336KB pdf)

  • 1795: Samuel Lewis map of the Pittsburgh to Cumberland region

  • 1797: Sotzmann map fragment showing Turkey Foot Road

  • 1818: Southampton Township on Whiteside's 1818 copy of John Well's map

  • 1818: Analysis of the Southampton Township portion of the 1818 Melish-Whiteside map

  • 1818: Bedford County, near Southampton Township, Somerset County

  • 1822: Lucas map of Maryland

  • 1829: Somerset County portion of the 1829 Finley-Young map

  • 1829: Interpreting 1829 Michael Korn, Sr. Estate Map, which shows the road to Berlin and the road to Cumberland

  • 1835: Rail route survey map showing an old road that ran from Cumberland to Berlin through Corriganville and Michael Korn's lot no. 3356

  • 1841: Johnson 1841 map

  • 1842: Mount Savage Iron Works Map

  • 1842: Cursive 1842 Barrelville Area Map

  • 1847: Middleton's 1847 map comparing the routes of the Braddock and National Roads

  • 1860: Walker map fragment showing Southampton Township

  • 1860: Walker map fragment showing the town of Wellersburg

  • 1872: Southampton township on 1872 Somerset County map

  • 1874: Mount Savage to Barrelville, showing military lots and railroads

  • 1875: 1875 Philson map of Berlin, Pennsylvania

  • 1875: Allegany County Maryland map

  • 1876: Southampton Township map from the 1876 Beers atlas

  • 1876: Street map of the town of Wellersburg from the 1876 Beers Atlas

  • 1876: Larimer Township map from Beers atlas

  • 1876: Greenville Township map from Beers atlas

  • 1876: Elk Lick Township map from Beers Atlas

  • 1876: Summit Township map from Beers Atlas

  • 1876: Northampton Township map from Beers Atlas

  • 1898: Topo map of the Wellersburg area, and nearby Maryland

  • 1908: Map showing the Wellersburg & Jennings Run Railroad

  • Circa 1905-1920: Topo map showing railroad along Gladden's Run

  • 1915: Highway map showing tram roads and the railroad into Wellersburg

  • 1923: Topo map of Kennell's Mill area

  • 1929: Topo map of that part of Southampton Township north of Wellersburg

  • 1930s: WPA Township warrant survey maps

  • 1939: Large (1757KB) annotated 1939 USDA aerial photo of the the entire Wellersburg area

  • 1939: Large (2530 KB) annotated 1939 aerial photo of the area below Wellersburg, south of the Mason-Dixon line

  • 1939: Old route of the Palo Alto road where Comps Road came out

  • 1939: Roadbed of the old Plank Road above the westward bend of the north branch of Jenning's Run

  • 1941: Southampton Township portion of state highway map

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