Martha Jane (Uhl) McClelland

The photo that is reproduced below is Martha Jane Uhl as a young woman. It was provided by Camilla Perrill, who reported "Mary Magdelene Korns was my third-great grandmother and my great-grandmother was Martha Jane Uhl (m. George Washington McClelland, first born child was Nina Viola McClelland (m. James Shea) was my grandmother) so I've been very interested in the Korns side of her family." Camilla, who has other photos of Martha, indicated that "...the tin type was found in a tiny envelope in a drawer of an old treddle sewing machine that belonged to Mary McClelland Leaply (daughter) with a note saying "mother". Camilla also reported that Martha and George McClelland had twelve children.

Martha Jane Uhl was the daughter of Levi Uhl and Christina Beal, Christina being the daughter of John Beal and Mary Magdalena Korns.

In regard to the next photo below, Camilla wrote "I don't know exact date of the McClelland Family picture (taken in Holmes County Ohio) but believe it to be about 1890: Front row - left to right, Mary, Martha Jane Uhl McClelland, Giffin Addelbert, George Washington McClelland, Lulu Maud, Elsie Adelaide, and Ollie Fanetta. Back row - left to right, Charles Alexander, Matilda Belle, James Freeman, Nina Viola, William. It is possible that James and William are reversed. Another child, Eben Caldwell, was born 1 Oct 1878 and died 20 May 1879 and the youngest child, known only as "Infant" was born 28 January 1891 and died 5 February 1891.".

In regard to the next photo below, Camilla wrote "The ... picture was taken shortly before Martha's death in 1909: Back row, (sure hope I'm right here...) left to right : Giffin Addelbert, Matilda Belle, James Freeman, Mary, Lulu Maud, Charles Alexander, Ollie Fanetta and William. Front row, left to right (much easier): Elsie Adelaide, George, Martha Jane and Nina Viola. (Perhaps another descendant will see your site and make corrections if necessary.)".

The death certificates and cemetery photos below were also provided by Camilla. The death certificate of Martha J. McClelland shows that she was the daughter of Levi Uhl and Christina Beal. Both her death certificate and George's indicate that George was a farmer. The tombstone photo indicates that George was a Civil War Veteran.

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