Vintage photos of the Cumberland area

The following photos were provided by Mike McKenzie. A friend of his rescued them from Cumberland, Maryland area garbage many years ago. They are primarily of Cumberland, Maryland from the early 1900s through the 1960s. The photos include:

  • The circa late 1930s Cumberland flood control project
  • The Queen City Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Station, which was torn down years ago
  • The C&O canal, when in operation, with boats and the coal loading docks
  • Western Maryland and Baltimore & Ohio steam locomotives
  • Various derailments
  • Cumberland locomotive shop and yards, showing two roundhouses

    Links to the photos:

    001 Baltimore Street, Cumberland

    002 Cumberland view from the Emmanuel Episcopal Church

    003 Cumberland view toward Baltimore street

    004 High Water at bridge to Washington Street

    005 Bridges over the C & O canal, location unknown

    006 Aerial view of steam locomotive

    007 C & O canal looking north towards Cumberland

    008 C & O Canal, location unknown

    009 Bypass bridge, Cumberland

    010 Cumberland area view, including Potomac Glass Co. factory

    011 Railroad bridge over the South Branch of the Potomac

    012 Western Maryland train station

    013 Front view of Western Maryland engine no. 208

    014 Knepper's Pharmacy, Cumberland MD, mid-1950's

    015 Old bridge to Ridgeley, WV

    016 Town Clock Church

    017 Cumberland, as seen from Ridgeley, West Virginia

    018 New Baltimore Street bridge, late 1950's

    019 Flood control project in the Narrows

    020 Cumberland Brewing Co. (Old Export) building

    021 Flood control project construction near east side of Narrows

    022 Baltimore & Ohio Viaduct crossing Wills Creek

    023 Western Maryland engine no. 241

    024 Cumberland Brewing Company

    025 Flooded Cumberland flood control project

    026 Possibly the bridge at Washington and Baltimore streets

    027 Coaling tower, Western Maryland Railroad

    028 Baltimore & Ohio rail yard at Cumberland MD

    029 Rail car, purpose-built for spraying the tracks

    030 German Brewing Co., later Queen City Brewing

    031 Smokestack demolition

    032 Western Maryland passenger train

    033 Derailment

    034 1952 Dodge station wagon-based "railcar"

    035 Derailment clean up, boom in back ground

    036 Flood control construction photo, unknown location

    037 Building the "Blue Bridge" from Cumberland MD to Ridgeley WV

    038 Western Maryland Railway Watchman

    039 Western Maryland crane in action at derailment

    040 Two Western Maryland Cranes working at a derailment

    041 Baltimore & Ohio Round House, South Cumberland

    042 Extinguishing rail car fire

    043 Flood control project near Western Maryland station

    044 Steam engine no. 5550

    045 Baltimore & Ohio derailment impacts building

    046 Steam crane at derailment in photo 045

    047 Baltimore & Ohio, may be same derailment as photo 045

    048 Different angle of the derailment in photo 045

    049 Baltimore & Ohio, may be same derailment as photo 045

    050 Baltimore & Ohio "big hook" crane car

    051 Work crew driving spikes

    052 Harry Truman in Cumberland, 1948 whistle stop tour

    053 Harry Truman speaking from back of his presidential rail car

    054 Crowd for Truman's whistle stop

    055 Baltimore & Ohio YMCA in Cumberland

    056 A location near east side of Narrows

    057 Cumberland B & O Employees Federal Credit Union

    058 York Hotel area

    059 Baltimore & Ohio Engine No. 3, Queen City Station

    060 B&O train at Queen City Station

    061 Baltimore & Ohio Freight Station, Cumberland, MD

    062 Possibly looking east over Harrison Street crossing

    063 Rail yard

    064 Baltimore & Ohio engine no. 761

    065 Fairbanks Morse switcher locomotive

    066 Queen City Station

    067 Queen City Station in the steam era

    068 Dirt work at the Queen City Station

    069 Queen City Station

    070 Crane at derailment

    071 Crane at derailment

    072 Baltimore & Ohio rail diesel car no. 6071

    073 Crane at derailment

    074 Western Maryland derailment

    075 Cumberland locomotive shop and yards

    076 Baltimore & Ohio derailment

    077 Looking south from the Western Maryland Station

    078 Construction equipment on flat cars, possibly showing B&O Rolling Mill

    079 Box cars in rail yard

    080 Western Maryland Railway Co. Freight Station, circa 1957

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