Landwher & Korns  Cameo envelope, Cumberland, Maryland.

The above image of the Landwehr & Korns cameo envelope is included here by permission of the previous owner of the envelope. The cameo is unembossed. The letter is addressed to the third auditor's office of the Treasury Department in Washington DC. The cameo shows that Landwehr & Korns was a company on Centre Street in Cumberland Maryland that dealt in lumber, shingles and lath. I suspect that the stamp may be the Scott #136 1870 green George Washington three cent issue, but I am not sure. Maybe a philatelist will stumble across this page and enlighten us.

Page 102 of the 1872 Allegany County MD tax list (678KB PDF) documents the Landwher & Korns Company as being taxed $2.97 for 300 dollars in "REAL.", which is presumably an abbreviation for real estate.

The 1888 obituary of Jesse Korns in the Cumberland times indicates that in 1869 "he formed a partnership with William Landwehr until 1874.". The referenced partnership can reasonably be assumbed to be the Landwher & Korns lumber company. Page 276 of the 1878 book "History of Cumberland" mentions "the residence of the late William Landwehr" on Green Street, west of Smallwood; this may be a reference to Jesse Korns' business partner.

The case of Cochrane v. Little et al. (Court of Appeals of Maryland. Nov. 14, 1889) was an appeal from the Circuit Court of Garret County relating to an "Action by Robert W. Little and Mary E. Little, as administrators with the will annexed of Jesse Korns, deceased, against John W. S. Cochrane, an attorney at law". The published ruling from the case states "Defendant called Mr. Landwehr, a competent witness, who testified that he had known Mr. Korns, in his life-time, very well; that he had been the partner of his father, the administrator of his father's estate, and was the witness' business adviser for many years, and was at his place of business almost daily...". See page 698 of the Atlantic Reporter, Volume 18 (August 7, 1889 through February 26, 1890). I take these various statements as meaning that the deceased Jesse Korns had been a partner of the witness Mr. Landwehr's father, and had been the administrator of the estate of Mr. Landwehr's father, and Jesse korns was Mr. Landwehr's business adviser for many years, and Mr. Korns was at Mr. Landwehr's place of business almost daily.

Page 253 of the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" indicates that Jesse Korns was born in 1809 and died in 1888, and indicates that Jesse's father was Henry Korns, the brother of Michael Korns, Sr. . Pages 254 and 255 of the Korns book indicates that Jesse Korns' daughter Mary Catherine Korns married Samuel Trawain Little in 1853, and had eight children, among them Mary Euphelia Little and Robert Webber Little. These two children were apparently the above-noted administrators of Jesse Korns' will, since Jesse Korns was their grandfather. Page 253 of the Korns book indicates that Jesse Korns' father Henry was born July 31, 1767, and died in 1860.

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