Frank Caler's store, Barrelville MD

The 1957 photo below shows a store in Barrelville, MD. As shown here, the store was called the Old Toll Gate General Store. The photo was taken by a local area resident who is a life-long camera buff, and was provided to by Mike McKenzie. Mike reports that:

  • The store was run by Frank Caler; Mike remembers going there when he was very young.
  • Mr. Caler was blind.
  • Mike has been told by numerous people that Mr. Caler had some way of indentifying paper money, and was able to make out exact change.
  • Mike has been told that Mr. Caler smoked cigars and locals wondered why he didn't accidently blow the place up with the dynamite he stored under the counter.
  • Mike thinks he remembers that Mr. Caler's wife was named Olive.
  • Mike believes that Mr. & Mrs. Caler lived upstairs.
  • Victor Sturtz owns the store now and sells frozen seafood and beer, and Victor and his wife live upstairs.

    When I showed the photo to my Uncle M. Korns, he also noted that Mr. Caleer was blind, yet could tell money and give change. My uncle didn't go there much, but they stopped in once in awhile for candy.

    Mike reports that if one is on Route 36 heading from Corriganville to Mount Savage, and turn onto Route 47 in Barrelville, the store is the first building on the left. It is no more than a few hundred feet from the intersection. The old Route 36 used to pass directly in front of it.

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