Barrelville Railroad Cut

The 2009 photos on this page pertain to the 3/4 mile long mining-related railway and 300 ft tressle that used to be at Barrelville, MD. The photos were taken by local area resident Mike McKenzie. The first photo was taken near the intersection of Routes 36 and 47, looking north from the intersection. The large rock behined the sign is known as the "Death Rock". The old road that predated the present-day (2009) Route 36 passed right beside the rock. Mike's mother, who grew up in Barrelville, told Mike that many people died from collisions with the rock. Click here to see a 1939 aerial photo that shows Death Rock, and the route of the old road. A cut in the rocks just behind Death Rock was blasted through to allow the railway to pass.

The next photo, which shows the railroad cut, is from north side of the cut looking south toward Route 36.

The next two photos show, show drill marks that an older local resident, F.B., told Mike about. F.B. indicated that he had heard that when the cut was blasted out, Death Rock slid down from the other rock.

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