1829 Young & Finley map showing Somerset County, PA

The images on this map are from the map of Pennsylvania that was published by Finley in 1829. The images were made from the Library of Congress copy.

The first image below is a close-up showing Somerset County PA and a portion of Allegany County MD. This image clearly shows the route of the old Turkey Foot Road from Turkey Foot (todayís Confluence) to Salisbury, but it does not show the route over the Allegheny Mountain. It does seem to show what must be what we presently (2009) know in Pennsylvania as the Mountain and Greenville Roads. Itís the only road that I remember that shows this road going down to the National Road; at this point in my studies, I donít know if that is accurate or not.

This map shows the intended route of the Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) Canal. Mike McKenzie reports that the C&O was originally intended to go to the Ohio River, but only made as far as Cumberland due the advent of the B&O railroad.

The next image shows a broader area of the map, in order to show the various connecting routes between Cumberland MD, Bedford PA, and Pittsburgh PA.

The next image is shown in order to show the map date, and the names of both Finley and Young.

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