Porter/Huff Cemetery, Allegany County, MD

The annotated excerpt below is from an 1898 map. It shows an Allegany County, Maryland cemetery that is located in the woods above Barrelville, that very few people are aware of. Mike McKenzie's grandfather Daniel Ricewick [1] showed it to him over 30 years ago, and Mike just relocated it in the fall of 2009. There are only 3 professionally-prepared tombstones. At least one is marked "Huff" or "Huffs". Mike believes that another is marked "Porter", hence the appellation "Porter/Huff Cemetery" that Mike has bestowed. There are also rocks as tombstones, and a few are carved with initials. Some cleanup work needs to be done before the cemetery can be adequately documented. A farm or residence is shown below the Barney Engles place on the map; that explains the stone piles Mike had seen years before below the cemetery. The cemetery is near an old dynamite storage shed that was used by the clay mines. It is stone construction with a steel door that is at least 1/2 inch thick, and a thick steel roof.

Porter-Huff Cemetery.

For an annotated 1939 aerial photo of the area, click here . The 2009 photos below were provided by Mike McKenzie. Mike reports that a Henry Porter is listed on Deakin's list. For information on the Porters of the area, and more information about the cemetery, click here. For information on a 2013 book about Porter genealogy, click here.

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[1] Mike's grandfather Daniel Ricewick lived in Barrelville. When Mike was a child, Mr. Ricewick used to take him up to the old clay mines and show him various things, and tell him stories. One story was how, when he was 12 years old, Mr. Ricewick used to take care of the mining ponies, and would help to guide the ponies when they pulled the ore cars from the mines.