House near Cook Cemetery

Traditional Birthplace of Daniel Korns, Jr.

The above photo was reproduced from volume one of the 2005 book "A Look At Southampton Township Pennsylvania The Way It Used To Be!", with permission of the author. According to the book this house, which is no longer standing, was located near the Cook Cemetery in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA.

According to a local Korns family tradition that was told to me by Lester Korns, Daniel Korns, Jr. was born in a house that was located just before the Cook Cemetery. Since there are two ways to interpret "before the Cook Cemetery", I had Lester clarify what he meant. What I understood, and what have since discussed with my cousin for clarity, is that Lester meant the little triangular patch of woods just north of the Cook Cemetery. A 1939 aerial photograph shows buildings at that very location (see below). My studies indicate that the location of those buildings was on the coffin-shaped tract no. 1 property that is indicated on the 1829 estate map of Michael Korns, Sr. Since Michael Korns, Sr. was living on tract 1 at the time of his death according to estate records, this house may be where he was living. So far, I don't know of any other house that was ever located on tract 1. The 1876 Beers map of Southampton Township only shows one house that would have been on Tract No. 1.

The photo caption that accompanies the above photo in the book is "Helen Emerick House. It sat next to the Cook Cemetery. Earl, Joyce & Helen Emerick. Michael Korns' oldest son, Daniel, built this house. His oldest son Daniel, Jr. was born here.". I haven't followed up with the authors of that book for the source of their information that indicated that Daniel, Sr. built this house.

The aerial photo below was taken in May, 1939, and shows the farmstead just before the Cook Cemetery, in what is now a triangular patch of woods. As related above, a house on that parcel of land is believed, by local tradition, to be the birthplace of Daniel Korns, Jr.

Farm near Cook Cemetery

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