Property Tracts, Michael Korns, Sr. Heirs

The USDA aerial photos below were taken in 1939. The annotated first photo is intended to serve as an index to the second, higher resolution photo below it. The names of individual property owners correlate to those that are shown on the 1829 estate map of Michael Korn, Sr.. Modern road names are shown, and 1829 road descriptions are also included in parentheses.

These photos are fascinating because (unlike modern aerial photos) many of the 1829 property boundaries can still be determined from fences and fencelines. Property boundaries that can be discerned from the photo itself are shown in red dots. Property boundaries that can be inferred from comparison with modern day plat maps are shown as yellow lines. (Parts of the Gaumer and Daniel Korn, Sr. farm boundaries are based on modern plat maps of those farms, and may not correlate to the 1829 boundaries. In other words, the Gaumer and Daniel Korn, Sr. farms may have possibly been larger in 1829.)

The 1949 book The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" indicates that Michael Korn, Sr. was living on Tract 1 at the time of his death. At the same time, page 30 of that book includes a photo of the buildings on the farm that is labeled "Jacob Cook" on the 1829 estate map, and the photo caption states "Original Farm Home of Michael Korns, Sr., 1795, as it appears in 1949.". Click here for a detailed study of that farm, which is known locally as the Blubaugh Place. From page 40 of the Korns book, it appears that Michael Korns sold a 189 acre tract to Jacob Cook by a deed dated 5/3/1817 and recorded 10/20/1817 in Somerset County deed book Volume 9 page 327. It is possible, but not yet proven, that this was the sale of what we now know as the Blubaugh place. After the death of Michael Korn, Jacob Cook bought the remainder of Michael Korn's property from his heirs.

Not only was tract 1 where Michael Korn, Sr. was living at the time of his death. It is also, by local tradition, the birthplace of Michael Korn, Sr's grandson Daniel Korns, Jr.. To see photos of the house that was once located on tract 1, click here. To see fuzzy enlargements of the farmstead areas, click here.

1939 aerial photo, annotated to show 1829 property owners.

1939 aerial photo, showing some 1829 property boundaries.

The survey below shows that Michael Korn, Sr. possessed the 1767 James Milligan tract, which was located immediately north of the Comley Randal survey. The tract was surveyed for Michael Korn's heirs, and part of it was patented to Michael's son Daniel Korn, Sr. The tract is still a Korns farm in 2012, and is owned by David Korns. This is the tract labeled "Daniel Korn" in the first aerial photo at the top of this web page.

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