1835 map of Southampton Township, Somerset County PA

1835 Southampton Township Map Page.

The map fragment below is from the 1835 Knight map of possible railroad routes. It shows Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA, and nearby portions of other PA and MD counties. I don't know if Knight made the map, or just marked up an existing map. This map is included on this website because it shows several things of interest, which I have annotated on the map.

The most interesting thing to me is the road that, for the sake of discussion, I have labeled the "mystery road". This road obviously passed through or very near Michael Korn's Maryland lot that shows up as lot 3356 in Deakin's 1787 survey west of Fort Cumberland. The road also obviously passes the properties that we associate with Michael Korn from his 1829 estate draught and from the the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania". The road also seems to come out on the Hyndman road at Corriganville, and therefore it may be the short road in Corriganville that is presently called the "Old Wellersburg Road" or possibly the road in Corriganville that is presently called "Hilltop Avenue". If this road did come out in Corriganville, it may help to explain why Michael Korn bought Broadhag's Coal Bank jointly with Ninian Cockran, when Ninian Cockran apparently lived at or near what today is Corriganville. The road may also help to explain why the road past Michael Korn's 1829 estate properties is labeled "road to Berlin" on the aforementioned estate draught (which was made before the Somerset and Cumberland turnpike was built). A glance at a topographic map shows that the path of this road is only a very rough route approximation. The very rough terrain simply does not permit such a straight route between Michael Korn's farm and Berlin. Starting at the Maryland border, we can guess that this road might have taken the approximate path of Detrick Lane, then State Line Road, then Long Lane, then Grandview Drive, then Cabin Hill Road (formerly known as the Rinker road). I don't really know when Rinker Road was first in service, but this map suggests that it, or a road in that general area, was already in service in 1835. The 1818 Melish Map also suggests that there was a road in the vicinity of the Rinker Road. After the Rinker road, the road may have followed the general route of the Glencoe Road, because topo maps suggest that the Glencoe Road crosses Laurel Run at about the only location that is practical in that area. From the Glencoe road on northward, it is difficult to even guess what route the Berlin road took. More study of old maps is needed to have a better idea of what roads were actually present in early times.

The place on the map that seems to indicate "Witt's saw mill" may be on the 236 acre Samuel Witt property that shows up on a map of early tracts that covers what is presently (2009) Southampton Township, near what is presently Larimer Township.

Southampton township, Somerset County, PA

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