This fragment of a 1939 USDA aerial photo shows fencerows and remnants of fields on the steep hillsides in Richie Hollow, along Kennel's Mill Run. This clear evidence of agricultural activity lends some creedence to the family tradition that the Daniel Korns, Jr. family lived in Richie Hollow prior to a circa 1870/71 move to the Sturtz farm. The not-to-scale 1876 Beers map that shows buildings in this area has them located near a bend in the road. If it is even the same road, the same bend in the road can perhaps be seen in this photo. It isn't too big of a stretch of the imagination to think that if Daniel Korns, Jr. was living there circa 1870/71, he was probably living in one of the buildings that is shown on the 1876 map.

Richie Hollow.

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