Wellersburg PA Post Offices

Wellersburg PA Post Offices

In 2009, my Uncle Melvin asked me if I had a photo of the old Wellersburg, PA Post Office, and described who was living there. Mike McKenzie provided me with the photo of the building that is included immediately below. Mike reports that this house is identified with the name of J. Wingert on the Beers 1876 map of Wellersburg, and reports that one of the Somerset County History books lists J. Wingert as a former postmaster.

This building is also shown and identified as the Post Office on page 20 of Roger & Mona Huffman's 2005 Southampton Township book. In that photo, a sign is present and the word "Office" can be read on it.

The next photo was also provided by Mike. It shows an old Wellersburg store. The collapsed building that was attached to the left side of the store was the post office when Mike was a kid (their family was box no. 123). Click here for an article on another website regarding the last Wellersburg Post Office, where Mike's Aunt Ester worked. Mike reports that his aunt Ester, along with Peggy Leonard, worked at the Wellersburg post office for years.

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