1874 military lot map fragment

The map fragment below was provided by Mike McKenzie. It is a copy of a portion of a large (about 31" x 41") 1874 map. The original map is badly faded, and Mike traced a copy to produce this version of the map. The large map, which shows all of Allegany and Garret counties, is owned by a local area resident. The map obviously identifies some of the lots from the 1787 Veatch map of Deakins survey, and also obviously shows some things that were not present in 1787, such as Barrallville, Barrall's Purchase, and the railroads. The map does not necessarily show all 1874 property boundaries correctly; for example I believe that a big chunk of lot 4074 had already been incorporated into a larger piece of property by the process of replatting by the 1860's. To download high resolution images of the northeast corner of Veatch's 1787 map of Deakin's survey in PDF (1618KB) and JPG (1666KB) format, click here and here, respectively. Click here to see a modern plat map overlaid on the northeast corner of the 1787 Veatch map of Deakin's Survey.

Mike McKenzie reports that Allegany County deeds show that Robert Parker owned lot 3350, and Martin Rizer owned lot 3351. Click here to see an 1804 plat that identifies a Parker in the present-day Barrelville area. Mike suspects that Martin Rizer may have been Jacob's father. These two things, taken together, suggest that the map may correctly show lot 3350 as being where Barrelville is located. This seems to prove that lots 3350, 3351, and Jacob Korn's lot 3352 are located further south than what I had previously thought (and previously published on this website in PDF format).

The railroad to Wellersburg
This map illustrates the railroad to Wellersburg, and a shorter spur that must have been mine-related. Page 193 John C. Cassady's 1932 book "Somerset County Outline" indicates that the Wellersburg Iron Furnace was abandoned in 1866, resulting in abandonment of the railroad that served it. This map suggests that even if it is correct that the railroad was temporarily abandoned, it was already back in operation in 1874, along with a supplemental mine spur. It seems obvious to me that the shorter spur was not needed to serve the furnace, and was built for a different purpose.

An 1852 newspaper article provides an early reference to a short branch rail line in this area that was 3/4 of a mile in length with a 300 foot viaduct that spanned Jennings run. This might be in reference to the short branch line shown here along the eastern side of the longer branch to Wellersburg PA. Mike McKenzie reported that the path of this short branch line is still visible today (2009). He wrote " it goes up in behind the row of company houses and begins right near the intersection of 36 and 47, at a higher elevation and above some rock formations.". An older local area resident Mr. F.B. told Mike that Mr. B's father told him of a wooden bridge that connected the shorter rail line at Barrelville with the C and P railroad. Mr. B's father had never seen the bridge, but had been told of its existence (It had apparently already been dismantled before his father's time). The 1852 article seems to be describing the same shorter rail line and wooden bridge described by Mr. B's father and shown on this map. Mike suspects that the short branch may have been the earliest branch in the Barrelville area, and believes that it must have been for the Parker and Blubaugh coal mines. Click here to read an article that describes the coal from these mines being hauled out by wagon in 1843. Mr. B told Mike where the 300 foot bridge connected with the C&P railroad; Mike looked there but could not see any remains.

Southampton township, Somerset County, PA

This web page was prepared with significant input from Mike McKenzie.

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