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This page indexes images of books from the Allen Korns Somerset County PA family home that carry Korns inscriptions. Allen's house was formerly owned by his father John Wilson Korns, and his grandfather Daniel Korns, Jr, and before that a Sturtz.

After Allen and Gladys Korns died, their household contents were auctioned off in the mid-1970's. There were a number of old German books in an upstairs closet of that house that would have been auctioned off at that time; if anyone knows the whereabouts of those books, please let the website administrator know, as he would like to review them for this website. Some of them might have been the books that were auctioned off at the auction of Michael Korns, Sr.

  • Front of Korns Psalm book

  • Back of Korns Psalm book

  • 1849 Daniel Korn signature in 1845 Deutsche Kanzel

  • Signatures of Daniel Korns, Jr. and Joseph H. Korns from 1861 Agriculture book

  • Daniel Korns, Jr. and Emanuel Korns signatures in 1863 agriculture book

  • Daniel Korns, Jr. and Emanual Korns names in 1864 Civil War book

  • Lydia Korns name in McGuffey's Spelling Book

  • Signatures of William C. Korns from old books

  • Mary (Geiger) Korns arithmetic book

  • John Wilson Korns & Nevin Korns names in 1857 arithmetic book

  • John Wilson Korns signature in 1869 Brooks' Arithmetic Book

  • Joe or Jac. Alfred Korns and John Wilson Korns names in 1866 grammar book

  • Gladdens Reformed Church Treasurer's Book from early 1900's.

  • Allen Korns Catechism book 1917

  • Allen Korns name in 1896 McGuffey's Eclectic Primer

  • Allen Korns book inscription from 1911-12 school year

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