Index to Gladdens Reformed Church Treasurer's Book

Photo of the Gladdens Church taken in December of 2007.

The images below show pages from the Gladdens Reformed Church Treasurer's book that was found in the Allen Korns family home, in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. One page of the book states "J. Wilson Korns elected Treas by consistory Jan 1-1905 - To Jan 1 1906". The book is now in the possession of a descendant of John Wilson Korns. The photo of the Gladdens Church (above) was taken in December 2007 by L. Dietle.

Cover of the treasurer's book:

Inside cover:

Title page:

Treasurer elections:

Collection for Skylar's service:

1905 records:

More 1905 records:

1906 account balance:

1906 records:

1906 records:

1906 records:

1909 records:

Payment to Wilson Korns:

In regard to the Gladdens Church, the 1940 book "Pastors and People of Somerset Classis" indicates that:

  • The Gladden's Church was also known as Hoyman's, Kennel's and Gladden's Run,
  • H.G. Ibbeken was the preacher from 1832-1834, and it was apparently just a preaching point then,
  • Rev. Benjamin Knepper was the preacher from 1846 to at least 1897,
  • In the early years, it was a union Church, Reformed and Lutheran,
  • An 1861 list of members includes Daniel and Caroline Korns and Lydia Boyer,
  • A possibly earlier list of members, believed to be circa 1853, includes Daniel and Caroline Korns,
  • In 1872 the union Church erected a Church building at the cost of $2,000,
  • Until 1897, the Church was part of the Wellersburg Charge,
  • John Wilson Korns was the son of Daniel and Carolina (sic) Korns, and was born in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA on March 10 1858, and died Sept. 13, 1926, was an Elder and Deacon at the Church, and married Mary Geiger. They had 4 sons, all who were members of Gladden's Run Church,
  • Mary, the wife of John Wilson Korns, was the daughter of Aaron and Lovina Geiger. She was born in Larimer Township, Somerset County, PA on August 4, 1867 and died June 8, 1931. She was baptized November 10, 1868. She was confirmed on October 22, 1882 at the White Oak Lutheran Church.
  • The Church was closed in 1930.
  • Caroline, Wilson J. (sic) and Immanuel (sic) Korns were members in the 1868 to 1900 time frame.
  • Wilson Korns and Andrew Kennel were among the Elders listed,
  • Earl Korns was among the Deacons listed.
  • Lydia (Boyer) Hasselroth was the daughter of Jonathan and Susan Boyer. She was born March 21, 1833 at Kennels Mills, PA and died March 15, 1921. She was baptized and confirmed as a Lutheran, and was a supporter of the Gladden's Church. She married Frederick Hasselroth.

    Page 482 of Welfley's 1906 County history book states "Gladden's Run Reformed Church, with that of the Lutheran, commenced with six members in Hoyman's school house in 1846, and in November, 1872, was regularly organized by Rev. B. Knepper. A church was erected at a cost of $2,000 and dedicated in 1872. Originally preaching was altogether in German."

    Old photo of Gladdens run church

    The older photo above, of the Gladdens Run Church, was reproduced from volume two of the 2007 book "A Look At Southampton Township Pennsylvania The Way It Used To Be!", with permission of the author.

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