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Allen Korns of Somerset County PA, the son of John Wilson Korns and his wife Mary (Geiger) Korns, married Gladys Edna Bittner, the daughter of Calvin Wesley Bittner and his wife Ida Ada (Petenbrink) Bittner.

Family Pictures

  • Wedding photos of Mr. & Mrs. Allen Korns

  • Allen Lester Korns photo and stories

  • 1924 Photo of Mr. & Mrs. Allen Korns

  • Baby picture of Gladys Bittner

  • Allen Korns & Sons

  • Their photo of old water powered mill at Kennels Mills, PA

  • Mr. & Mrs. Allen Korns

  • Sled riding on the Allen Korns farm, circa 1936

  • Gladys Bittner, 1924 photo

  • 1923 photo of Leta Brown, Gladys Bittner and Minerva Mazer

  • Portrait of Allen Lester Korns as a young man

  • Allen & Gladys Korns with Irvin & Alma Dietle, 1952

  • Allen Lester Korns with camera

  • Mr. & Mrs. Allen Lester Korns photo

  • Mr. & Mrs. Allen Lester Korns Christmas photo

  • Allen Lester Korns at Siggy's service station

  • Luther, son of Allen & Gladys (Bittner)Korns

  • Black Dan horse, Barnes kids on Allen Korns farm

  • Photo of Mr. & Mrs. Allen Lester Korns

  • Horse drawn box sled from Gladys Korns' album

  • Unknown named individuals from Gladys Korns' album-can you help?

  • Mrs. Wilson Korns & Mrs. Allen Korns in deep snow

  • Young Gladys (Bittner) Korns in rocking chair

  • Gladys (Bittner) Korns' class at the Wilson School

  • Allen Korns with baby daughter Estalene

  • Gladys in Somerset, perhaps teacher training

  • 1924/25 photo of Allen Korns and Gladys (Bittner) Korns

  • Ella Allene Korns, age 11 months

  • Anna Lee Korns, age 1 month

  • Mildred Bittner, Estalene Korns, 1933

    Allen Korns family household items

  • First china of Gladys (Bittner) Korns

  • Clothing Iron of Gladys (Bittner) Korns

  • Decorative bowl of Gladys (Bittner) Korns

  • Crock that belonged to Allen & Gladys Korns

  • Crystal belonging to Gladys Korns

  • 1850 penny from Allen Korns farmhouse

  • Toy truck from Allen Korns' home

  • Gladys (Bittner) Korns' dining room set

  • Click here To see some 1999 VHS footage of my parents showing me some items their parents, grandparents, and aunts owned — specifically, Gladys Edna (Bittner) Korns, Ida Ada (Petenbrink) Bittner, Mary (Gieger) Korns, Alma (Miller) Dietle, Mildred (Miller) Dietle, and Maggie (Miller) Williams of Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Maggie also lived in Akron, Ohio and Bedford County, Pennsylvania. This is some home video I am posting for my extended family. I doubt it will interest anyone else.


  • Allen Korns name in Catechism book 1917

  • Allen Korns name in 1896 McGuffey's Eclectic Primer

  • Allen Korns book inscription from 1911-12 school year

    Allen Korns Farm Pictures, Somerset County PA

  • Photos of the farm owned by Daniel Korns, Jr., Wilson Korns & Allen Korns

  • Allen Korns horses working in field

  • Photo of Allen Korns and his cousin Lester Korns with team

  • Photo of Allen Korns with team hooked to cultivators

  • Allen Korns on Fordson Tractor

  • Allen Korns harvesting grain

  • Allen Korns tilling corn with daughter

  • Allen Korns' daughter on horseback, 1950

  • Allen Korns' sawmill

  • Photos of the sugar camp and maple syrup operations

  • Gladys Korns below the Allen Korns milk barn

  • Moving Cattle to pasture on the Allen Korns farm

  • Allen Korns' house, tractor, son, early 1950's

  • A load of logs for the sawmill

  • Lester and Allen Korns with farm machinery, 1942

  • Estalene Korns in horse-drawn sleigh on her father Allen's farm, 1950

  • Click here to see a video of the exterior details of the 19th century timber-frame farmhouse in Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania that was lived in by Daniel, Wilson, Allen, and Melvin Korns.

    Misc. Allen Korns Family-Related Info.

  • Allen and Gladys Korns biography

  • Tombstone of Allen & Gladys Korns

  • Inside the Allen Korns house Feb. 1954

  • Bittner and Petenbrink family material

  • Grandson L. Dietle, administrator of the Korns genealogy website

  • Rock outcropping visible from Allen Korns farm, photo 1 (101 KB)

  • Rock outcropping visible from Allen Korns farm, photo 2 (48 KB)

  • Gladys Bittner listed as teacher in 1924 county report (53KB)

  • Allen Korns' memorial card (105KB)

  • Korns family tree prepared by Mrs. Allen Korns (175 KB PDF)

  • Obituary of Allen Lester Korns

  • Genealogy notebook of Gladys (Bittner) Korns

  • 1904 Korns School Souvenir, Southampton Township

  • Adz from Allen Korns' farm

  • Recollections of grand-daughter D. (Dietle) Moore

  • Teaching certificate of Gladys Edna Bittner

    Allen Korns Hunting-Related Pictures

  • Allen Korns hunting squirrels

  • Allen Korns with his hunting dog Sport

  • Allen Korns with harvest of squirrels

  • Allen Korns' double-barreled hammer shotgun

  • Allen Korns after a successful deer hunt

  • Photo of Allen Korns boyhood rifle

  • Gladys (Bittner) Korns with harvest of squirrels

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