Aerial Photo of Daniel Korns, Jr. Farm, Somerset County, Pennsylvania

Aerial photo of the Somerset County PA family farm of Daniel Korns, Jr. (scale: 1 pixel = 1 meter; 1.1 yard).

This USGS aerial photo of the Somerset County PA family farm once owned by Daniel Korns, Jr. was taken on April 27, 1993; the photo is oriented so that north is at the top of the page. The scale is 1 pixel = 1 meter; I.E. 1.1 yards. After Daniel Korns, Jr., the farm was owned by John Wilson Korns, then by Allen Lester Korns. The dairy barn is located at approximately latitude 39N 45' 41" longitude 78W 49' 37". The schoolhouse was at the lower right hand corner of the triangular field south of the house.

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