Ephriam Geiger of Somerset County PA, son of Aaron Geiger

Ephriam Geiger, son of Aaron Geiger

Ephriam Geiger was the brother-in-law of John Wilson Korns of Southampton Township, Somerset County PA. Ephriam Geiger married Mary Dietle, the daughter of John Adam and Maraget Dietle, on March 31, 1887. Ephriam was the brother of Mary (Geiger) Korns and the son of Aaron Geiger and Lavina Bowman. In a surveyor's draught of Ephriam's Larimer Township, Somerset County PA farm, the farm of his father Aaron Geiger is shown adjacent to Ephriam's farm, and Ephriam's obituary indicates that he was born next door.

Mary is recorded as a 58 year old widow in the 1920 census, which lists her trade as "Farm Manager". Her 17 year old niece Margaret Crissner (sic) was listed in the 1920 census as staying with Mary as a "Farm Helper", and her 25 year old nephew Harry Dietle (son of Adam and Susan Dietle) was also staying with her with the listed occupation of "Farmer". It is surmised from this that they were helping her run the farm after Ephriam's death. Margaret Cristner was the daughter of Calvin Christner and Mary's sister Sara (Dietle) Christner, and had already been staying with Mary and Ephriam several years at the time of Ephriam's death in 1919.

The 1920 census also lists Mary (Dietle) Geiger as the mortgage-free owner of a farm in Larimer township, Somerset County, PA which was the farm which Harry Dietle owned briefly before his untimely death in a sawmill accident in 1926. Irvin H. Dietle then purchased the farm and spent most of his adult life there,. Ephriam and Mary spent the entire 32 years of their married life there. Ephriam Geiger bought the farm in two separate tracts. On April 3, 1886 he bought 98 acres 50 perches from Richard and Christian Mankamyer and their wives for $1,600.00. On Nov. 13, 1909 he bought an adjacent 12 acres and 17 perches from Frank L. Bittner for $222.00. This 12 acres was part of the tract conveyed from the heirs of Jeremiah Bittner to Frank L. Bittner in 1909. The deed for the 12 acres was recorded on Dec. 30, 1919.

Mary was born on Dec. 31, 1861 in Greenville Township, Somerset County, PA. She was baptized as "Mary Deittle" on May 14, 1881 by Pastor R. Smith. Ephriam Geiger was born on August 9, 1859 and died on Dec. 17, 1919, leaving Mary to survive him. They are buried side by side in the cemetery of the Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church. Ephriam was a member of the White Oak Mt. Carmel Church, being confirmed there on June 10, 1876. He was a Trustee in the Church at the time of his death, and had served there in official capacity for many years. Mary willed $500.00 to the Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church, to be used by the Trustees in the best interests of the Church. She also willed that "Harry Dietle shall have the first right to purchase the farm, whether sold at public or private sale..." Harry Dietle was also one of the executors she appointed; the other being Howard Mazer. The will was certified on June 10, 1925, so she died before then.

Ephriam Geiger and Mary (Dietle) Geiger had a son John William Geiger, who died young. John was the only child they had. Ephriam and Mary Geiger's large family Bible was originally purchased on August 18, 1881. It indicates that their son John Wilson Geiger was born on Nov. 16, 1889, and was baptized on Jan. 19, 1890. The Bible contains a receipt for $5.00 from the National War Finance Committee of the American Red Cross which is dated May 23, 1918, and is signed F.L. Bittner to Ephriam Geiger & wife.

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