Ephriam Geiger 1890 land draught

The links below are to the three pages of the 1890 draught of the farm of Ephriam Geiger, situated on Wills Creek near the White Oak churches in Larimer Township, Somerset County, PA. These papers were in the possession of my Grandfather Irvin Henry Dietle at the time of his death; he owned Ephriam's farm in the twentieth century. What is interesting about the draught are the references to Aaron W. Geiger's adjacent property, and adjacent property formerly owned by Richard Geiger. Aaron W. Geiger was Ephriam Geiger's father and I suspect that Richard Geiger was his grandfather.

  • Title page (21 KB JPG)

  • Draft of property boundary (159 kb JPG)

  • Cover letter to the draft (151 kb JPG)

  • All three pages of the draught in PDF format (345 KB PDF)

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