Early Barrelville-area railroad photos

The following photo is reproduced by permission from Patrick Stakem's book "Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad Revisited". It shows the west side of the Barrelville, Maryland area trestle that was located on the branch railroad line to Wellersburg, PA. This trestle crossed the road that runs east-west from Mount Savage to Corriganville that was the antecedent to the road that is now known as Route 36. (Today's route 36 doesn't follow the exact-same road bed ad this old dirt road.) This photo and the last one below are the only photos that we are currently aware of that show rolling stock on the branch line toward Wellersburg. The cars, logically enough, appear to be coal cars. Note the personnel stairs and hand rail on the left hand side of the trestle, and the hand rail across the trestle. Click here to see a 2009 photo of the same place.

Early photo of Barrelville MD railroad trestle.

The following 1939 aerial USDA aerial photo of the Barrelville area shows the location of rairoad trestle that is pictured above. From this aerial photo, one can tell that the trestle photo above was taken looking eastward. Note the angle of the trestle relative to the road, and the bend in the road just east of the trestle. Click here to see maps that depict the same area, including one that was made in 1938.

The remains of a foot bridge are visible EAST of the trestle, between the east-west road and Jennings Run. Mike McKenzie reports that the foot bridge must have been placed there in connection with the junction and the buildings located along the C&P railroad. For a 2009 photo of the remains of a footbridge on the WEST side of the trestle, click here. It was a steel I-beam bridge, and was in place until just a few years ago, when a flood washed it out. The concrete steps still remain today (2009) on the steep bank beside the stream.

Mike McKenzie indicates that his studies show that when the new Route 36 was put in, the entire embankment where the switch was located for the Wellersburg branch was removed; click here for a 2009 photo. He also notes that by comparing the 1939 aerial photo to a current satellite photo, one can see how the stream was moved back against the hill side, becaue now there is very little level ground on the hill where the old C&P switch and office was located.

The yellow dashed line shows where the route with a 300 foot trestle would have been. Click here to see a 2009 photo of Death Rock, and the railroad cut behind it.

1969 USDA aerial photo.

The following photo is reproduced by permission from Patrick Stakem's book "Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad Revisited". It shows the junction between the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad and the branch railroad line to Wellersburg. The left-hand track is the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad going to Mount Savage, Maryland, and one of the sets of tracks on the right is a branch line heading north up through Barrelville (one set of tracks is grown over with weeds). The weeded-over road bed may possibly be the shorter branch line that is shown on an 1874 Barrelville-area map.

This must surely be an early photo, because the ties appear to be logs, and the curves in tracks do not match the 1939 aerial photo that is included above. The most visible set of branch line tracks shows normal visual perspective, but the set of tracks to Mount Savage do not. The reason for this odd visual phenomenon is not known.

 Early photo of Barrelville MD railroad junction.

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