I saw a website once that said that the 1917 book "The Boucher Family" by Franklin A Burkhardt states that Susannah Bauscher, Born, 28 Sep 1762, in Pennsylvania, Died, 10 May 1811, married Michael Korn. A copy of that book is in the Clayton Library in Houston, Texas. I reviewed the book in fair detail and could not find such a passage. I don't think that such a passage is in the book, because page 85 of the book says that that there is "no record" for Daniel Boucher's daughter Susanna Bauscher (see scan from page 85 below). I am writing this to document that the above-noted website information appears to be in error. I tried tracking down the source of the above-noted website information, but everyone I talked to got it from someone else.

What the aforesaid Boucher book DOES do is state that Daniel Boucher's grand-daughter Rebecca (Henry Boucher's daughter, Susanna Bauscher's niece) married John Corn, lived in Somerset County, PA, and died about 1822 (see scan from pages 85 and 263 below). Page 292 of the 1989 book "A Clowes-Swanson Genealogy With Genealogy of the Korn, Uhl and Thompson Families" states that Henry Boucher "...migrated to Somerset Co., PA in 1801.".

Page 14 of the book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" states "John Korns, born 1787, fourth child of Michael Korns, Sr., married (1st) Rebecca Boucher, (2nd) Susan Kendall, located in Hardy Township, Holmes County, Ohio, three miles West of Millersburg, Ohio. They were the parents of nine children." Page 110 of the Korns genealogy book indicates that John Korns and his second wife Susan Candle or Kendall had their first child together in 1826; this son is listed as John Korns, Jr. who was born on. Sept. 5, 1826.

Here-below is a photo of the home of John and Rebecca (Boucher) Korns from the book the "Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr.":

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