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This Korns website covers Carl Korn family history and other Korns history. Carl settled in Maxatawney Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Carl's son Daniel Korn settled in Lehigh County, PA. Carl's son Michael Korn settled in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA near Wellersburg. Michael Korns' Descendants settled in Holmes County, Ohio and elsewhere.

The book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" by Charles Byron Korns, Sr. MD is available below in PDF and searchable text format. This uncopyrighted 1949 book focuses primarily on the descendants of Michael Korn/Korns, Sr. of Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. It also includes information on his siblings, and his father, the immigrant Carl/Charles Korn of Maxatawney Township, Berks County, PA.

How to access low resolution PDF chapters of the Korns genealogy book
The best way to use the PDF files is to download them to your computer. For Windows based computers using Internet Explorer, right click on the desired link to access the drop-down menu, then choose "Save Target As" (On Macintoshes, just click the link). A save box will appear to allow you to pick where the file will be stored. The pages were not all scanned at the same size, so after the PDF file has loaded, you may want to hit the "fit in window" button so you can see each page in its entirety. Some of the photos will, however, display better at the 100% setting.

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How to access high resolution scans of individual photos from the Korns genealogy book
The PDF chapter scans of the book were made at low resolution to minimize file size, and were mostly from photocopies of the book, and therefore do not show the photos well. The text-only version of the book uses a .txt format that does not support the links required to load online photos. For an index to high quality photo scans made directly from an original copy of the Korns book, click here.

How to access a searchable text copy of the Korns genealogy book
To serve as an electronically searchable copy of the “Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr.” book, a text version of the entire book has been prepared. To view the text version on-line, left-click here. The text of the entire book can then be searched using the pull-down "Edit-Find" menu selection in your browser software. To download the text version of the book to your computer, right-click here, and use the "save target as" command. The file can then be opened and searched on your computer using your word processing software, or text editor.

Right Click and use "Save Target As" to Download PDF Chapter scans:
Introduction and Contents (197KB)
Chapter I Carl (Charles) Korn (183KB)
Chapter II Michael Korns, Sr. (1093KB) here for improved scans of Ch. II pages 34-76 (3259KB)
Chapter III Daniel Korns Branch (568KB)
Chapter IV Catherine Korns Branch (15KB)
Chapter V Mary Magdalene Korns Branch (195KB)
Chapter VI John Korns Branch (97KB)
Chapter VII Susanna Korns Branch (42KB)
Chapter VIII Rebecca Korns Branch: Missing from book; typographical error Click here for information on Rebecca that was donated by Neal Carter (595 KB PDF)
Chapter IX Charles Korns Branch (506KB)
Chapter X Christina Korns Branch (113KB)
Chapter XI Barbara Korns Branch (127KB)
Chapter XII Delilah Korns Branch (81KB)
Chapter XIII Michael Korns, Jr. Branch (1528KB)
Chapter XIV William Korns Branch (685KB)
Chapter XV Jacob Korns Branch, Brother of Michael Korns, Sr. (122KB)
Chapter XVI Daniel Korns Branch, Brother of Michael Korns, Sr. (93KB)
Chapter XVII Henry Korns Branch, Brother of Michael Korns, Sr. (109KB)
Chapter XVIII Catherine Korns Heiman (Hoyman), Sister of Michael Korns, Sr. (42KB)
Conclusion (42KB)

Where to see an original Korns book
The Korns genealogy book is available for viewing at the Carnegie Library, Oakland, PA, at the Historical Society of Berks County, and at the Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County. Another interesting Korns-related book is "A Clowes-Swanson Genealogy" (Baltimore: Gateway Press, Inc., 1989) by Lois Clowes Witherspoon, M.A.; it is available at the Carnegie Library, the Centre County Historical Society, the Coshocton Public Library, the Clarion County Historical Society Library, the Historical Society of Berks County, the Historical Society of Delaware, and the Lehigh County Historical Society.


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