Korns District, Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA

Korns District, Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA

This map of the Korns District in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA was scanned from the 1876 F.W. Beers & Co. "Atlas of Somerset County Penn.". A comparison with aerial photos reveals that the map is not to scale.

Note the Daniel Korns, Jr. farm, located just below the "D" in "Korns Dist". Also note the name "A Lepley" below the "D Korns" name, this is the Lepley stone house. Near the bottom of the page, note the "D Cook" house; this is the farm house on the farm known as the Blubaugh Place that is associated with Michael Korn, Sr.

Note the buildings that are shown along Kennel's Mill Run, near the words "Mill" and "Run". One of these buildings is probably where Daniel Korns, Jr. was (according to local tradition) living before moving to the farm that is marked with his name in circa 1870/71. Click here for a 1939 aerial photo that shows fields back along Kennel's Mill run.

Not all of the roads shown on the map still exist; after the advent of the automobile it was not nearly as important to be able to travel the shortest distance from one place to another. As a result, some of the old roads fell into abandonment.

This abandonment of roads was true across rural Pennsylvania, even in Mercer County, where I grew up. One funny incident happened to me several years ago, when I used a computerized mapping service to look at Mercer County. The computer showed roads as being active that I personally knew had long been abandoned, and in reality had trees growing profusely in the road bed to the extent that you might not recognize that a road had ever been there.

In the case of the road that is shown on the above map as going past the "D Cook" house; it now only goes to the barn and looks for all the world like it is just a driveway, yet the last I heard (late 1990's), that portion of the road was still being maintained by the township as a public road.

I visited Somerset County in January of 2008, and went for a sightseeng drive by myself. I took a road in Larimer Township that I have been on several times in my younger days, and found to my surprise that before I went very far, it was closed and fenced off.

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