A percussion rifle by the Bedford County gunsmith John Border

It is my distinct privilege to be able to include these NRA museum photos of a John Border Rifle. Every image on this web page is copyrighted by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and is included here courtesy of Erin Sabatini of the NRA Museums, NRAmuseums.com with the express permission of the NRA Museum.

Although not particularly fancy, this is one of my very favorite Bedford County rifles because of what I consider to be exquisite stocking. Notice how the only the front of the lock panel is filleted to the adjacent portions of the stock, and notice how the lock panel fades into the wrist. I have not seen a better example of this style of lock panel, and I consider this style of lock panel to be aesthetically superior to all others. Notice how well-centered the rat tail of the lock is relative to the rear of the lock panel. Notice the graceful shape of the hammer. Notice how well the metalwork of the stock fits the wood. Notice how accurate the patch recess in the stock is. Notice how smooth and level the surface of the stock is. For biographical information on John Border, click here.

What follows now are very large high resolution copies of five of the preceding images. You may have to pan to see the entire image, unless you have a very large monitor.

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