Carl Korn Genealogy Excerpt

The following Korn family genealogy information is excerpted from Chapter I of the uncopyrighted book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" by Charles Byron Korns, Sr. , M.D. (Berlin Publishing Company, Berlin, Pennsylvania, 1949)

Carl Korn was the progenitor of our American Korns family.

Carl (Charles) Korn

Carl (Charles) Korn, the original ancestor in this country, came from Wurtemburg, Germany. He embarked from Rotterdam in the Ship "Edinburg," James Russell, Commander, the last from Cowes, England, arriving at port of Philadelphia, Tuesday, September 19, 1752. At that date at the State House in Philadelphia in the presence of Edward Shippen, Esq., he signed a declaration of allegiance and subjection to the King of Great Britain and of fidelity to the proprietary of the province of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Volume 17, page 352 .

Carl Korn evidently came to this country for the same reason as many other German immigrants, looking forward to having homes and farm lands of their own; to enjoy the rights of free religious worship and escaping the incessant civil and religious wars which had been and were sweeping over the State of Wurtemburg. The date of Carl's birth, place in home of Germany, names of his parents and their station in life, names of any brothers and sisters, whether any members of the family had come over before he did or afterwards, what reasons other than those above he had in coming to the new world, is unknown.

Sometime after Carl's arrival he married. The given name of his wife was Otillia. The surname is unknown. The couple located in Maxatawney Township, Berks County, Pa. about 1754. The records show two land warrants were granted to Carl (Charles) Korn, March 19th, 1755 and February 17th, 1758 respectively. Ref. Penna. Archives, 3rd Series, Vol. 26, page 279. 3rd Series, Vol. 18, page 40-Proprietary Return, County of Berks, Maxatawney Township, 1767, 100 acres.

Carl Korn had either brought money across the ocean with him or else was ambitious, industrious and thrifty for he soon acq uired (sic) property and was taxed in Maxatawney Township as early as 1755.The tax records show the name spelled by the Tax Collector and the Assessor several ways, as, "Carl Korn," "Charles Korn or Corn," all assessments being on the same piece of property but in different years. Carl Korn lived in Maxatawney Township, Berks County from 1754 to 1778. He reared a family of seven children, namely, Catherine, Charles, Jr., Michael, Jacob, Daniel, Henry, and Magdalena.

Carl Korn, being ill, made his Will April 4th, 1777 and evidently died early in 1778, as his Will was probated July 11th, 1778. He named his wife Otillia Korns and Henry Keisser as Executors in his Will. The Will was sealed and signed by Carl Korn in the presence of Peter Braun and Nicolaus Hermany. It appears the Carl Korn did not dispose of all of his real estate in his Will as his widow filed a Petition with the Orphans Court on the 8th day of February, 1781, petitioning the Court to sell the whole or part of the real estate for the education and maintenance of her minor children. The Petition states that the deceased Carl Korn left issue seven children, five of whom were in their minority, Michael, Jacob, Daniel, Henry and Magdalena.

The Court issued an Order to Otilla Korn, Executrix, to expose to sale forty acres of the above mentioned land on Saturaday, the third day of March in 1781 and that she make a report of her proceedings to the next Orphans Court after said sale. There has been no record found that Otilla Korn complied with the court order nor any record of transfer of the land.

The children of Carl and Otilla Korn were:

  • Catherine Korn, who married Christian Hoyman and located in Southampton Township, Somerset County, Penna. Parents of four children.

  • Charles Korn, Jr., evidently died in Berks County about the same time as his father, Carl. The assessment was made the same day by the same appraisers who appraised his father's estate. According to the articles that were appraised of Chas. Korn, Jr., he was a shoemaker.

  • Michael Korn, married Susan Baker. He moved to Londonderry Twp., Bedford County, Pa. in 1791. He was assessed there in 1791 as a single freeman. In 1787 he was living nearby, but just across the state line in Maryland.

  • Daniel Korn located in Lehigh County, Pa.,in Macungie Township.

  • Henry Korn located in Allegheny County (Cumberland) Maryland.

  • Magdalena Korn, no residence.

    There is no record of where Carl Korn or his wife were buried. He was listed as one of the early members of the Longswamp Reformed Church, Berks County, Pa.

    The children had moved from Berks County as the census of 1790 and again in 1800 did not enumerate any person by the name of Korn or Corn in Berks County. The inference is that four of the children have located in Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pa., and Cumberland Md. Daniel located in Lehigh County and Magdalena Korn evidently married as there were no records of a Magdalena Korn to be found.

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