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The Korn name from the signature of the immigrant ancestor Carl Korn.

Carl Korn was the original immigrant ancestor of our American Korns family, and is believed to be a son of Michael and Anna Elizabetha (Huy) Korns. He arrived on the ship "Edinburg" on September 19, 1752, and died circa 1778. His wife's name was Otillia. He resided in Maxatawney Township, Berks County, Pa. and reared a family of seven children, namely, Catherine, Charles, Jr., Michael, Jacob, Daniel, Henry, and Magdalena. It is believed that most of his descendants now use the "Korns" surname; however it may be possible that some of his son Daniel's descendants have retained the original "Korn" family name. One of the documents relating to Carl Korn that we do not have is the German language Keylbach will that was wittnessed by Carl Korn in Berks County in 1760.

The descendants of Catherine (Korn) Hoyman/Heilman and her husband Christian Hoyman/Heilman are given in the 486 page 1993 book "Some Notes, Quotes and Quips of the Hoyman Clan and Related Lines" by David L. Baldwin, Gateway Press, Baltimore MD, Library of Congress card catalog no. 93-78287.

Carl Korn Family Material

  • Excerpts from the Carl Korn Chapter of the 1949 Michael Korns genealogy book (text version)

  • Scanned PDF copy of the Carl Korn Chapter of the 1949 Michael Korns genealogy book (183 KB)

  • Carl Korn last will and testament (text version, translated)

  • Carl Korn wedding announcement (FHL 1336928)

  • Modern replica of early apple butter stirrer attributed to Carl Korn

  • 1985 Longswamp Church Photos

  • Carl Korn 1725 baptism record

  • Carl Korn 1738 confirmation record

  • Henry Korn, Justice of the Peace, Allegany Co. MD, 1828

  • 1996 e-mail about Carl Korn's ancestors

  • Select Pages from the 1886 "History of Berks County" book, with Charles Korn reference

  • Early Korns info from the PA Archives book, Third Series (printed 1899), including Charles Korn land warrants

  • Early Korns immigrants from PA Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. 17, including Carl Korn

  • Pages from the 1923 book the "Lutherans in Berks County"

  • Tombstone of Christian Hoyman, son-in-law of Carl Korn

  • 1758 tract of Charles Korn, containing 90 acres 8 perches

  • Charles Korn in 1767 Proprietary Return

    Searchable text from the 1949 book relating to the children of Carl Korn

  • Jacob Korns Chapter (complete)

  • Daniel Korn Chapter (excerpts)

  • Henry Korns Chapter (complete)

    PDF Scans from the 1949 book relating to the children of Carl Korn

  • Catherine Korns Chapter (42 KB)

  • Michael Korns Chapter (1093KB)

  • Jacob Korns Chapter (122 KB)

  • Daniel Korn Chapter (93 KB)

  • Henry Korns Chapter (109 KB)

    September 19, 1752 Passenger List of the Ship Edinburgh

  • The following images are facsimiles of the oath of abjuration list from the book "Pennsylvania German Pioneers" by Strassburger and Hinke that was published in 1934 by the Pennsylvania German Society. They include the signature of Carl Korn, the immigrant ancestor of our American Korns family.

  • First page of Edinburgh ship list (GIF)

  • Second page of Edinburgh ship list (GIF)

  • Enlarged Carl Korn signature from 1752 Edinburgh ship list (html)

    The above pages in a single PDF document

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