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Korns family genealogy

Daniel Korns gets his money for the Richy Hollow farm (posted Dec. 2011)
Patrick loses his appeal, (1884 PA Supreme Court)

John Korns donates Wellersburg property to church in 1814 (posted Dec. 2011)
1918 history of Zion Lutheran Church, Wellersburg

Carl "Charles" Korn property (posted Oct. 2011)
1758 tract of Charles Korn, containing 90 acres 8 perches

Jacob Korn 1850 census record (posted Sept. 2011)
An 1850 Ohio census record listing Jacob Korn

Millstone HIll (posted Sept. 2011)
Jacob Korn's 1807 Millstone Hill tract

Virginia Korns (posted August 2011)

  • A family tribute to Virginia Havens Korns (5182 KB PDF)

  • Obituary of Virginia Havens Korns (42 KB PDF)

    These two documents on Virginia Havens Korns were provided by her son Doug Korns. Dick and Virginia graciously provided information and encouragement to the Korns.org webmaster during his early studies of the Korns family in the 1990s.

    Monroe Lutheran Church and Cemetery, Holmes County, Ohio (posted August 2011)
    Click here to read Richard D. Korns' book on the Monroe Lutheran Church and Cemetery (7132 KB PDF).

    Smoke and mirrors, Chicago style (posted June 2011)
    We've all seen the editorials about needing to do something about our border gun stores arming Mexican drug cartels. It's all BS. Click Here to read a June 14, 2011 Congressional Joint Staff Report about the United States federal government intentionally permitting thousands of guns to be illegally sold to Mexican criminals. This is our own government facilitating illegal gun sales, then using those sales as a pretext to campaign for more restrictive gun laws. This, my friends, has all the hallmarks of Chicago style politics. The program was initiated in the fall of 2009 (Obama's first year of office), and Obama picked the guys running the DOJ and ATF. That same year, Obama and his political appointees were out in force saying the increase in Mexican violence was caused by America's lax gun laws. Hmmm...what a coincidence.

    If you don't believe the report, believe me. Long before the story broke in the media, I overheard Texas gun store employees complaining that when they telephoned the ATF about suspected gunrunners trying to buy multiple guns, the ATF told them to go ahead and sell the guns. This ain't real hard to figure out, folks. Somebody at the upper levels of the federal government hatched a plan to allow guns to flow to Mexican drug cartels so they could use the gun traffic and ensuing violence as a pretext to restrict gun ownership by US citizens.

    Cumberland Then and Now (posted January 2011)
    Check out a preview of Patrick Stakem's new book on Cumberland, MD.