90 acre property of Carl "Charles" Korn

Chapter 1 of the 1949 book Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania is titled "CARL (Charles) KORN". Page 19 of that book states:

"Carl Korn, being ill, made his Will April 4th, 1777 and evidently died early in 1778, as his Will was probated July 11th, 1778. He named his wife Otillia Korns and' Henry Keisser as Executors in his Will. The Will was sealed and signed by Carl Korn in the presence of Peter Braun and Nicolaus Hermany. It appears that Carl Korn did not dispose of all of his real estate in his Will as his widow filed a Petition with the Orphans Court on the 8th day of February, 1781, petitioning the Court to sell the whole or part of the real estate for the education and maintenance of her minor children. The Petition states that the deceased Carl Korn left issue seven children, five of whom were in their minority, Michael, Jacob, Daniel, Henry and Magdalena.

The Court issued an Order to Otilla Korn, Executrix, to expose to sale forty acres of the above mentioned land on Saturday, the third day of March in 1781 and that she make a report of her proceedings to the next Orphans Court after said sale. There has been no record found that Otilla Korn complied with the Court Order nor any record of transfer of the land."

Here is the survey for Charles Korn's farm (90 acres, 8 perches), followed by a February 8, 1781 survey dividing off 52 acres and 81 perches for his widow and heirs. After that comes an 1828 copy of the "original draft" of a 90 acre tract that appears to be the same property as the aforementioned tract that contained 90 acres 8 perches. One survey gives a February 17, 1758 warrant date, and the other gives a March 19, 1755 warrant date and an October 9, 1759 warrant date. The reason for the date discrepancies between the two 90 acre surveys is unknown.




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