Michael Korns, Jr. Genealogy Excerpt, Somerset Co., PA

The following Korn family genealogy information is excerpted from the uncopyrighted book The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania by Charles Byron Korns, Sr. , M.D. (Berlin Publishing Company, Berlin, Pennsylvania, 1949):


Michael Korns, Jr. Branch

Michael Korns, Jr., eleventh child of Michael Korns, Sr., was b. on April 27, 1803, in Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pa. He married Johanna Lepley, daughter of Adam Lepley of Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pa., who was b. Feb. 2, 1805. Michael Korns, Jr. died Nov. 7, 1874. Johanna Lepley Korns died Jan. 8, 1894. Children:

Alexander Korns, b. Dec. 16, 1826, Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pa.

Julianna Korns, B. Sept. 9, 1828, in Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pa., and died Aug. 8, 1831.

Matilda Korns, b. April 15, 1831.

Nancy Korns, Nov. 30, 1833

Elizabeth Korns, b. June 5, 1835.

Simon Lepley Korns, b. June 23, 1839.

Mary Korns, b. Dec. 18, 1841.

Edmund L. Korns, b. May 26, 1844.

Michael Korns, Jr., lived for several years after he was married in Southampton Township. On July 21, 1832, he purchased from John Swift of Philadelphia, Pa., a tract of land in Quemahoning township, now Jenner Township, Somerset County, Pa., known as the stock farm, located on the western branch of the Quemahoning Creek including the lower end of Pine Swamp and the mouth of the Beaver Dam Run, containing 300 acres.

On this land Michael Korns, Jr., built an eight room brick house in 1832. The bricks were made on the farm. He also built a large bank barn. Both buildings are still in a good state of preservation and a land mark in the locality. On this farm Michael Korns, Jr., reared a family of three sons and four daughters.

Through the center of this farm flows the Western branch of the Quemahoning Creek, the Somerset and Johnstown Pike, now No. 219, also the Western Maryland Railroad. The farm was later divided into three parts occupied by his three sons: Alexander Korns, Simon Korns, and Edmund L. Korns. The Korns' all lived on these farms their entire lives. The town of Gray is now built on the western part of the farm. These farms were underlaid with a five foot seam of "E" coal, a high grade marketable coal. The coal and the greater part of the land now is owned by the Pittsburgh Coal Company.

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Michael Korn (Jr.) & Daniel Korn (Sr.), 1830 census, Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA