Map of Alexander & Simon Korn farms, Jenner Township, Somerset County, PA.

Map of Alexander & Simon Korn farms

This image is a scan of the Jenner Township map from the 1876 Atlas of Somerset County PA by F.W. Beers & Co. It shows the residences of A. Korn and S. Korn. Look for A. Korn just under the "4' in 'Biesecker Dist. No. 4". Look For S. Korn just to the left of the "H" in 'Hoffman". The referenced "A. Korn" was Alexander Korns, and the referenced "S. Korns" was Simon L. Korns, both sons of Michael Korns, Jr. Page 157 of the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" says that Michael Korns, Jr. bought a tract of about 320 acres "in the valley of the North Fork of the Quemahoning Creek, near and a part of the village of Gray.", sold the southern 160 acres to Simon L. Korns on Feb. 14, 1871, and sold the northern 160 acres to Alexander Korns on Sept. 27, 1864.

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