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Are you a descendant of Daniel Korn of Lehigh County, PA?

Are you a descendant of Daniel Korn, son of the pioneer Carl Korn?

The descendants of the 1752 American immigrant Carl Korn who use the "Korns" family name are fairly well documented, thanks to the excellent book " The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County, Pennsylvania " that was published in 1949. According to that family history book, it appears that the descendants of only one son, Daniel, kept the original "Korn" family name. Unfortunately, the Korns book did not document Daniel's lineage as well as it did for some of Carl Korn's other children. It is hoped that this website can help to correct that situation by providing a convenient forum for communication between descendants. If your family descends from Daniel Korn of Lehigh County PA, please consider submitting your family genealogy connection to this website via the e-mail address listed on the home page, so that the Daniel Korn lineage can be better understood.

On June 22, 2006 ANDY21012 @aol.com wrote "I was able to find Daniel Korn in the 1820 Census. All of the other names, close in spelling were Kern. Danile was living in Weisenberg, Lehigh, PA."

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