Charles Korns & John M. Korns

John M. Korns, son of Charles

Most of the information on this page was provided by Deb Lape Lackowski, who wrote: "Minnie (Minerva) Shannon Korns was my 2nd great grand aunt -- sister to my great great grandmother Alice Shannon Hennan. Minerva was married to John M. Korns and they had an adopted son Bob Korns, who grew up with my grandfather Cleo 'Bob' Lape of Akron, even living together for a time in Akron. Bob Korns and my grandpa traveled out to Kansas during the Depression in search of work. I know in earlier times Minnie and John had lived in Manhattan, Kansas. And from your website I can see that there was a relation Edwin Korns who ran a newspaper out there in Phiilipsburg, KS. Even my g-g-g grandfather Robert O. Shannon lived with his daughter Minerva and John Korns in Kansas. I've attached some census records to share and some pictures, too. I will look to see if I can find a picture of Bob Korns, as we should have a picture of him, no doubt."

Info from the Korns book:
On page 243, the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" indicates that Charles Korns was the son of Michael Korns, Senior's brother Jacob, and states "Charles Korns, born at Cumberland, Md., on April 8, 1794, came to New Philidelphia, Ohio, in 1818. He married Catherine Minnich who was b. Aug. 20, 1802, Bedford County, Pa. She was the eldest daughter of Phillip and Salome Sarah Minnich. The latter was the eldest daughter of John Kinsley, founder of new Philidelphia, Ohio. Charles Korns died Jan. 1872, age 77 years. His wife d. July 31, 1890, age 87 years. Charles Korns and Catherine Minnich Korns were the parents of the following children: 1. Cecelia, 2 Daniel, 3 Drusilla, 4 Henry, 5 Robert, 6 James, 7 Charles F., 8 William, and 9 John." It goes on to say on page 246 that Edwin F. Korns (listed in the 1870 census with Charles) was a grandson of Charles. New Philadelphia is in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

According to the the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania", both Michael Korn, Sr. and his brother Jacob had sons named Charles, and both sons moved to Ohio. Naturally, this can lead to a certain amount of confusion. I am not a descendant of either man, If you are, you may have more motive than me to accurately distinguish between them, so bear this in mind as you use information on this website. I am not sure which Charles Korns appears in the copy of a page from the 1820 census of Coshocton County, Ohio that Karen Davis sent me.


  • 1870 census, Charles & Catherine Korns & John M. Korns, New Philidelphia, Ohio (587 KB-from Deb Lape Lackowski)

  • 1880 census, John M. Korns & wife Minnie, Hudson Twp., Summit Co., Ohio (654 KB-from Deb Lape Lackowski)

  • 1900 census, John M. Korns & wife Minnie, Kildare Twp., Kay Co., Ok. (636 KB-from Deb Lape Lackowski)

  • 1920 census, Robert Korns at Cleo Lape's home in Akron, Ohio (483 KB-from Deb Lape Lackowski)

  • Photo, Minnie Korns, her sister Alice (Shannon) Hennan, children Martha and Clarance Hennan (32 KB-from Deb Lape Lackowski)

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