Excerpt from "A trader's map of the Ohio..."

The following map fragment is from the Library of Congress. They title the map "A trader's map of the Ohio country before 1753", and credit it to John Patten. This map shows a building at or near the mouth of the South Branch of the Potomac River. Why the building is illustrated like a church isn't known to me, but it seems likely to have represented the cabin of Thomas Cresap at Oldtown, Maryland. The map shows a trail from that building to Raystown (present-day Bedford, PA) that must represent the Warriors Path that crossed the Potomac River at Oldtown. No paths are shown heading west from the building. Wills Creek is also illustrated on the map. No path is illustrated as running along the valley of Wills Creek.

Various early roads and paths, including the Warriors Path along Wills Creek and the Warriors Path through Oldtown, are referenced in the book "Fort Cumberland".

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