Ninian Cockran's store | Corriganville, Maryland

According to volume 652, page 8 of the 1797 "Laws of Maryland", Ninian Cockran had a store at Jenning's run, since the book references "...the road leading from Ninian Cockran's store, at Genning's run on the Turkey Foot Road, up Will's creek by John Tomlinson's mill, in Allegany county, to the Pennsylvania line.". The map fragment below is from an 1898 map. It shows that along Jennings Run, there is only one logical area to run a road northward, toward Bedford, and that is up the valley that Wills Creek is in. This suggests that Ninian Cockran's store was in the vicinity of present-day Corriganville.

The map below also shows a road that is much closer to Wills Creek, compared to the the present-day (2009) road. Mike McKenzie caught this detail in 2009, writing "...on the old topo maps of Ellerslie and Corriganville, the road did follow Wills Creek as far as Ellerslie. There are remains of this road bed today. At Corriganville there is a swimming hole and old drinking hangout called Dehavens Beach, along it is a road....". Mike went on to suggest that the road shown on the 1898 topographic map might be the one that ran north from Ninian Cochran's store toward the PA line. For additional references to this road, see the 1799 "Laws of Maryland", and Dulany's 1882 "History of Maryland".)

The USDA aerial photo below shows what Corriganville, and the old road, looked like in 1939. Local area resident Mike McKenzie reports that this road is known as "Beach View road", writing "it crosses the railroad and goes past a[n] old swimming hole known as Dehavens Beach and follows Wills Creek on the west side." Mike believes that this is the route that shows up faintly on the Melish-Whiteside map of Bedford County.

Melish-Whiteside map of Bedford County

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