S. S. and Enoch Boston, Union Civil War Soldiers


The following information was provided by Robert Osborne of Tempe Arizona


S. S. Boston
One of Stephen Morrison’s nephews (the son of his sister Maria and John Boston) was one of Stephen’s teachers at the Common School in Neshannock Township in Lawrence County, PA. He is listed in Civil War records as either Scott S. or Samuel S. Boston. Mr. Boston’s Civil War record was extracted from Samuel P. Bates’ History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861- 1865, Vol. 2, p. 952 and ARIAS on line at Pennsylvania State Archives: Scott S. Boston was a PVT in Company A, 76th PA Infantry Regiment. At the age of 21 he enrolled August 28, 1861 at New Castle and mustered October 1, 1861 at Harrisburg, PA. Scott S. was a 6’ man with a fair complexion, fair hair, and he had blue eyes. His occupation before entering the war was that of a teacher. He was missing at Fort Wagner, SC, 7-11-63, and was supposed to have been killed.

Official document found in his mother’s Pension File: 259711 at National Archives:


Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions, Samuel S. Boston PVT Company “A”, 76” Regiment PA Volunteers was enrolled on the 28” day of Aug, 1861, 3 yrs at New Castle, and is reported: August 31, 63 missing in action since July 11, 63, at Fort Wagoner. M. O. Roll of Co. July 18, 1865, missing since July 11, 1863, supposed to have been killed in charge on Fort Wagoner. Co was in action at said place July 11, 1863. This name does not appear on Prisoner of War Records. “Investigation fails to elicit further information.”

Enoch Boston

Maria Morrison and John Boston lost another son, Enoch, in the Civil War. His service record is found at ancestry.com and is an extraction of what is found at National Archives. Enoch Boston was a resident of Jefferson, IND when he enlisted 17 Aug 1862 as a 2nd Lieutenant in Company D, 4th Cavalry Regiment Indiana. He died of disease 7 Nov 1862.



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