Christian Sturtz, Jr. estate document

I received the following image from Kenneth L. Korns in 2008. Tiled together from two 8.5" x 11" photocopies, it was part of a group of document copies provided by Ken that were related to a timber-related title search of the Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania farm of my grandfather Allen Lester Korns. The farm once belonged to Christian Sturtz, Jr. He (Christian Sturtz, Jr.) and his wife are buried in now-unmarked graves in what was once the garden of my grandmother Gladys Edna (Bittner) Korns.

The document seems to indicate that the widow of Christian Sturtz, Jr. died in January of 1845. I've heard her name was Margaret. The document also references a daughter of Christian Sturtz, Jr. named Rachel Sturtz and an heir of Rachel Sturtz named Valentine Sturtz. The John Sturtz who is mentioned in the document was also a descendant. The document is a release from Valentine Sturtz to John Sturtz concerning the farm.

Click here for a pdf of the document.

The first page of a document related to the estate of Christian Sturtz, Jr. of Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

Page 2 of the doc pertaining to the estate of Christian Sturtz, Jr. of Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

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