Emanuel Bosworth Korns, University of Michigan, 1881

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The links below provide pages from two different books that document the graduation of Emanuel Bosworth Korns from the Department of Law of the University of Michigan in 1881, and document his middle name. Here is what the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" says about Emanuel: "E. B. Korns, born in 1858, graduated in Law at Ann Arbor, in 1881, and located in the Dakota Territory to practice Law for seventeen years, once elected as County Prosecutor. He took an active part in. shaping the destinies of the new State, then he moved to Tracy, Minnesota, where he practiced twenty-one years and then moved to Long Beach, California, there he devoted his practice to probate Law and to the civic affairs of that city, being known as the silver tongued orator:, he died in 1929."

Proceedings of the Board of Regents of the University of Michigan 1881-86

  • Title Page (72 KB JPG)

  • Page 23 - Description of the 1881 list that begins on this page (235 KB JPG)

  • Page 25 - Emanuel B. Korns, South Bend Indiana, recommended for Bachelor of Laws Degree (162 KB JPG)

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    University of Michigan General Catalog of Officers and Student 1837-1890

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  • Page 191 - Emanuel B. Korns, Doland, South Dakota, 1881 Graduate of the Department of Law (224 KB JPG)

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