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Joseph Korns was a son of William Korns, and a Grandson of the Somerset County Pioneer Michael Korns, Sr. Here is what the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" has to say about Joseph and his family:

"Joseph Korns, was born in Holmes County, Ohio, in 1831. He married Martha Moore in 1856. He settled on a farm at Dixon, Ill. He lived to be 94 years old. He raised a family of four children, three sons and a daughter.

Francis R. Korns, graduated in Law at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, in 1899, and practiced there nine years when he was elected treasurer of the Modern Woodmen for a term of three years, handling thirty million dollars without a loss of a dollar. He was then elected a Director and has that office since. He is also a regent of Drake University. He was born 1873.

E. B. Korns, born in 1858, graduated in Law at Ann Arbor, in 1881, and located in the Dakota Territory to practice Law for seventeen years, once elected as County Prosecutor. He took an active part in. shaping the destinies of the new State, then he moved to Tracy, Minnesota, where he practiced twenty-one years and then moved to Long Beach, California, there he devoted his practice to probate Law and to the civic affairs of that city, being known as the silver tongued orator:, he died in 1929.

Lewis F. Korns, b. in 1856, attended college. Was married to Jessie Ellis of Minneapolis, Minn., in 1896. They had one child, Bernice, who died when she was twenty-one years old. Lewis F. Korns was an inventor. He invented a fountain pen in 1880, being one of the first pens invented. He also had many other inventions. He is also the author of several books.

Emma V. Korns, b. in 1867, and died in 1892."

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  • The 1892 book "The Bicycle, its Selection, Riding and Care" by Lewis F. Korns (6,284 KB PDF)

  • Lewis F. Korns sends copy of his book to "Good Roads" magazine, 1892

  • The 1915 book "Thoughts, and How I came to Write Them' by Lewis F. Korns (4,184 KB PDF)

  • US Patent 1,462,205 Key Ring and the Like, July 17, 1923 (364 KB PDF)

  • US Patent 1,664,748 Indirect Lighting System for Motor Vehicles, April 3, 1928 (865KB)

  • US Patent 230,706, Fountain Pen, August 3, 1880 (178 KB PDF)

  • Lewis Korns in the 1909 City Directory of Minneapolis (GIF).

  • Lewis F. Korns 1915 copyright registration from Library of Congress "Catalogue of Copyright Entries", showing him living in Minneapolis (JPG).

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