The photo below was provided by Mike McKenzie. The photo is one of a number that were rescued from some Cumberland, Maryland area trash a number of years ago by one of Mike's friends.

After studying a US Department of the Interior map of the Queen City station/rolling mill area, Mike suspects that the loading/unloading ramp appears to be the one that was located next to Spring and Elm Streets. He believes the large buildings next to the tracks must be the B&O rail rolling mill and the bolt and forge shops. He suspects that the names on the sides of the buildings are an indication they may have been leased or rented out at the time of the photo. He reports that this area was recently sold to Martins Food by CSX (B&O became the Chessie System, and then later became CSX.) Next to the Chaney building one can see the roofline of the locally known "sawtooth" building that was just recently tore down; Mike reports that it was connected to the "Footer Dye Works" building. The latter building is still (2009) standing and is located next to I-68 and the revitalized "Canal Place".

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