The following image is from an 1872 map of Somerset County. A small portion of the Felty Hill road is still in use today (2009), but most of it has long been abandoned. The portion of the Palo Alto road near the Plank Road follows a different route today. The old route shows up on a 1939 USDA aerial photo.

The map correctly shows the Plank Road on the east (right) side of the north branch of Jennings Run. The map also shows a parallel road on the west (left) side of the north Branch of Jennings Run. Mike McKenzie, who is familiar with the area, is perplexed by that road, because the terrain is so rough. He wrote "...that road that follows Jennings Run to the west is confusing me. I cannot think of any remains of a road in that area and i know that area very well. There are gullys and steep hillsides down near the stream, if there was a road it would have had to have been up high on the side of Savage Mountain. I suppose there may have been a road above the Dom farm that followed Savage Mountain and possibly crossed over into Greenville township. There are a lot of roads up in that area but [ I'm] not sure which were old "sugar roads" made by Curtis Dom. We used to ride our motorcycles up those roads and one I recall led us over to Shirley Hollow road just below the rest assured living center, not too far from the old Reiber Cemetery. That may have been an old route but i really can't say."

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