Analysis of 1818 road near Glencoe

This page analyzes a portion of the 1818 Melish-Whiteside map of Somerset County, PA near present-day Glencoe. The first image below is a fragment of the 1818 map, showing the area in question. As indicated on the first image, we believe that the 1818 route was the antecedent to what we presently (2009) know as the Glencoe, McKenzie and Philson roads.

The second image below is a fragment of a 1939 USDA aerial photo that was annotated by Mike McKenzie. The photo shows where an old road crossed Laurel run at the junction with Wills Creek. This area is shown on the 1818 map above, and is very distinctive due to the to streams courses. The reason Mike thinks there is an abandoned locomotive in the photo is because his neighbor says he has a photo of the locomotive. The neighbor is a Wilhelm. The Mckenzie's and Wilhelms goes back to a Mckenzie marrying a Wilhelm and they used to spend a lot of time there in the area of the old sawmill having family gatherings and reunions at a place called "Roddys Cabin". Mike's uncle's family now owns that area and they have a nice location there where they hold the family reunions. Mike's father and all his 10 or more siblings lived at one time in the house across the tracks from the sawmill, on the northwest side of the tracks.

The next image is a fragment of a 1929 topographic map. It shows McKenzie Road going across Laurel Run, and shows the branch track that ran up along Laurel run. We can guess that this branch track may have been for lumbering, based on the presence of a sawmill. Mike's father told him that there used to be a building there that housed the sawmill workers, and the sawmill was a large operation.

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