1898 map of Wellersburg area

The 1898 map below was provided by Mike McKenzie. It shows the Wellersburg area of Southampton Township, PA, and nearby portions of Allegany County, Maryland. The old railroad up to Wellersburg is not shown on this map, but it does show up on a 1901 topographic map of the same area. This seems to prove that the railroad was rebuilt in the 1898 to 1901 time frame. The map shows a road extending from Long Lane in Pennsylvania to Ellerslie, Maryland. It also shows the old tram road heading from Ellerslie to a point that is obviously very near Michael Korn's 1787 Deakin's Survey lot no. 3356. Lot 3356 was more recently incorporated as a part of the farm that was known as the George Sturtz place.

To download high resolution images of the northeast corner of Veatch's 1787 map of Deakin's survey in PDF (1618KB) and JPG (1666KB) format, click here and here, respectively.

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