A percussion rifle made by Daniel Border of Bedford County, PA

The following photos of an antique muzzle loading rifle were taken for me at a gun show that was held at the Renfrew Museum in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania in 2019, on a day I had to fly to Texas. The rifle was built by Daniel B. Border, a gunsmith who worked in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

The first photo, immediately below, shows the rat tail lock and the graceful hammer style associated with percussion rifles of the Bedford School of gunsmithing. Notice the generally vertically oriented flash deflector that is built into the lock plate behind the drum and nipple. The periphery of the lock panel of the stock tapers toward the rear, complementing the rat tail of the lock plate. It is easy to tell that the stock has a slender profile by comparing its vertical thickness to the size of the barrel flats.
A photo of the percussion lock area of a Bedford-School long rifle that was made by the gunsmith Daniel Border of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

The next photo shows that the Daniel Border rifle has a typical patch box employed by the Bedford School, with five piercings and a Q-shaped finial. The photo also shows the curly nature of the maple stock.
This photo shows a patch box with five piercings and a Q-shaped finial that is mounted on a Bedford County rifle made by the Bedford County, Pennsylvania gunsmith Dan Border.

This Somerset and Bedford County, Pennsylvania gunsmith project is intended to be a collaborative effort with gun collectors, historians, genealogists, etc. who may have information or photos to share.

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