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Korns family genealogy

Korns research by William Bauman (posted October, 2016)

  • Compilation of Jesse & Henry Korns Canal Boat Mortgages 1851- 1870 Allegany County, Md by William Bauman, 2012.

  • Henry Korns Family History, Volume 1 by William Bauman, 2012.

  • Jesse Korns Family History, Volume 2, Deeds And Mortgages by William Bauman, 2012.

    Mr. Bauman is interested in obtaining additional information from descendants. His e-mail address is included in the documents linked above.

    1994 Korns genealogy letter (posted October, 2016)
    1994 letter from Rosemary Wade on Knieriem branch

    Restored spring house on the Michael Korns, Sr. farm (posted September, 2016)
    Restored spring house on the Michael Korns, Sr. farm

    New book on Shade Furnace (posted August 2016)
    Brian Fritz informed me today that his new book "Shade Furnace: An Early 19th Century Iron Ironmaking Community in Somerset County, Pennsylvania" was just released for sale at the Somerset County History Center. He reports that it is a full length book that includes a primer on 19th century ironmaking, the socio-economic development of western Pennsylvania, the history of the Thomas Vickroy family beginning in colonial Maryland, and the 50 year operational history of the ironworks, plus the archaeology of the 200-acre National Register listed Shade Furnace Archaeological District.

    Johannes Keilman Family (posted March 2016)
    Click here for a January 6, 2016 working draft of Andrew Petenbrink's book "Descendants of Johannes Keilman". Johannes' granddaughter Anna Elizabeth Coleman, born October 18, 1818, married Christian P. Petenbrink, on January 7 1846, in Allegany County, Maryland.