Korns info from the PA Archives, Third Series

Wills Creek Charge, Somerset County, PA

Korns related information from the 1899 book "Pennsylvania Archives", third series, is available below in JPG format. In some cases, relevant pages preceding actual Korns-related pages are included so that you can see what the topic of the subsequent Korns-related pages are. The identity of the Elizabeth Korn living in Chester County in 1767 is a mystery-it isn't known if she belongs to our Korns family. If you can shed light on this Elizibeth Korn, please e-mail 1@korns.org. Of particular interest is the Michael Korn individual listed in Albany Township, Berks County in 1784.

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In PDF Format:
All ten pages in PDF Format (3750 KB PDF)
Individual pages in GIF Format:
Title Page (781 KB)
Index page 110 listing Korns-related pages (604 KB)
Volume XI page 267 Chester County Upper Darby identification of list (593 KB)
Volume XI page 269 Mary Hinds & Eliz'h Korn 1767 (843 KB)
Volume XVIII page 39 identification of Berks County, Maxatawny township (853 KB)
Volume XVIII page 40 Charles Korn 1767 proprietary return
Volume XVIII page 561 Berks County, Albany Township identification (996 KB)
Volume XVIII page 562 Michael Korn, 1784, Albany Township (358 KB)
Volume XXVI page 278 identification of list as "warranties of land" (1100 KB)
Volume XXVI Page 279 Charles Korn 1755 & 1758 land warrants

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