Michael Beeghley and Barbara Miller family history


According to the book "Genealogy of the Relatives of William J. Miller", (Meyersdale, Somerset County, PA: 1963) which was originally written circa 1874/99 but later added to:

"This I received from Michael Beeghley: Michael Beeghley was born near Berlin in Somerset Co., Pa. on June 18, 1800. He married my aunt Barbara Miller in the fall of the year 1823. Their children are:

Also from the same book:

"Barbara Beeghley died January 18, 1869. (November 12, 1903, Andrey Easter has it January 13, 1869, which is correct. W.J.M.) Now uncle Michael Beeghley is old and childish and so hard of hearing that one can hardly converse with him, And, as he gave all from memory there may be some mistakes. I think some of his children have told me that he has not given their names in the order of their ages. Also, the death of aunt Barbara is recorded on the 13th of January by uncle Peter Miller, but aunt Catharine is of the opinion that uncle Michael is right. (Nov. 12, 1903, in Catharine Easter's Bible, January 13, 1869, right).

Susannah Beeghley was born at Meyers' Mill, Somerset Co., Pa. on Oct. 16, 1829 and married James B. Guthrie.

Leah Beeghley was married to James Fresh.

(Although the info in this book from Michael Beeghley indicates Daniel was born dead, later on in the same book it is indicated that Daniel Beeghley was born at Meyers' Mill, Somerset Co., PA on June 14, 1826, and married Sarah Jane Letts.)

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