DAVID MILLER born Dec.18, 1775 died July 14, 1856

FRAINA LIVENGOOD born Nov. 13, 1780 died January 8, 1861


The following is from the Somerset County PA book "Genealogy of the Relatives of William J. Miller",(Meyersdale, PA: 1963), which was originally written circa 1874 to 1899, but was added to later:

David Miller and Fraina Livengood were married on Jan. 5, 1802.

Their children were:

Much of the information in the book "Genealogy of the Relatives of William J. Miller" regarding David and Fraina Miller was from a book written by David Miller.

The original author of the book Genealogy of the Relatives of William J. Miller" was the Grandson of David and Fraina, and the son of Daniel.

These are quotes from the book Genealogy of the Relatives of William J. Miller":

"Grandfather David Miller, the father of the above children, died at half past twelve o'clock on Monday, July 14, 1856. Grandmother Fraina Livengood Miller died at half past nine o'clock on the morning of January 8, 1861.

"In a record kept by uncle Peter Miller the death of uncle Samuel Miller was in 1836 instead of 1837 as it is in the old book of my grandfather."

"The death of Samuel Miller as recorded by his brother Peter is probably incorrect for there was bout a year between the death of Samuel and Rebecca."

"Now in reviewing the records given by uncle Peter Miller, I find the death of Aunt Rebecca dated June 1, 1835 instead of June 5, 1836 as it is in the old book of my grandfather. So this makes one more difference between the records. But it makes the remark just given by Uncle Jacob harmonize with either of the accounts taken separately."

In regards to Peter Livengood, Fraina's father, the book "Genealogy of the Relatives of William J. Miller" states "When Freina was married to my Grandfather Miller her father gave her several sacks of grain, saying as he gave it: 'You must be charitable to the stranger who comes to you in want of food and shelter, for men have entertained angels unawares.' "


According to "Greenville Twp. Cemeteries Somerset Co., P.A. 1977" (Available at the Mary S. Biesecker Library, Somerset, PA.), David and Frany Miller are buried at the "Miller Burial Ground" which is "Situated on the Samuel Miller farm in Greenville Twp. near the village of Pocohontas, in the orchard, north of the house about 20 rods."

"Greenville Twp. Cemeteries Somerset Co., P.A. 1977" gives the following cemetery records for David and Frany:

David Miller
Son of Peter Miller and Rebecca Garver.
Born Dec. 18, 1775
Died July 14, 1856
Aged 80 yrs. 5 mo. 26 days.

Frany Miller
Dau. of Peter Livengood and Barbara Nefzinger
Born Nov. 13, 1780
Died Jan. 8, 1861
Aged 80 yrs. 1 mo. 25 days.


I have read that File #23 - 1848, Will Book 4, Page 421 relates to Isaac Harden, who died intestate in Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA in 1848 leaving a widow Catharine. An old and now expired internet article that I read reported that the will book indicates that Isaac Harden had ten children: George Harden of Allegany Co., MD; John Harden of Allen Co., OH; Eliza, the wife of John Cook, Bedford Co., PA; Eleanor, the wife of William DeHaven; Maria, the wife of Peter Miller; Lydia, the deceased wife of Peter Troutman; (all Somerset Co., PA.) Mary, the deceased wife of Joseph Crichfield, of Knox Co., Ohio; Hanna, the deceased wife of Jesse Tomlinson who was residing somewhere near Indianapolis, IA; Nathan Harden, of Knox Co., OH; Rachel, the wife of James Devore, whereabouts unknown. M. Gagliardi has copied the estate documents, and confirms that Maria shows up in them.

In the 1892 book "Portrait and Biographical Record of Lee County, Illinois...", the biography of George Harden's son Jacob indicates that Isaac's widow Catherine was his second wife, and her maiden name was Beal, and Isaac's first wife was a Neymeyer. A careful review of the book reveals that in addition to Jacob Harden, many other Somerset County people settled in Lee County, Illinois.

Peter and Mariah (Harden) Miller are also my ancestors; see the Miller book.


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